The Art of Pleasuring: Intention

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

The art of pleasuring is quite complex, but there are some basic ideas that can help you a lot. One concept that is quite useful is intention and attention.

Intention begins before touching starts. It’s important to check in with yourself, to ask yourself what your intention really is. Is your touch about giving or about getting something? The person receiving your touch can feel your intention, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. When your intention is truly to give, your touch is more likely to be pleasurable. When your touch is about getting some need of yours met, it may not be as pleasurable.

Attention is very important as well. Attention affects the quality of touch dramatically. By attention what I mean is that your focus is on your own body and on the place that you are touching. You are present with the touch, and your energy is all the way in your hand and going into the body of the person you are touching. The energy of the hand begins at the spine, at the heart center. When it flows out from the heart down the arms and into the hands and fingers, the touch is alive and electric. When the energy is not moving, or attention is elsewhere, the touch feels absent and dead.

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Intention and attention can make a huge difference in the quality of your experience. Try it!

Orgasm – A Glimpse of Enlightenment

One of my first spiritual teachers, a channeled spirit named Dr. Peebles, used to say “Orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment.” He explained that the moment of orgasm contains the essence of enlightenment — the ecstatic dissolve into a sense of oneness. And furthermore, it is the most accessible glimpse of enlightenment for most people.

At the time I was in my early 40s, the peak of a woman’s sexual energy. I thought it was pretty cool that something that was so compelling in my life could be a path to enlightenment. But frankly, my priority was more on the orgasm than the enlightenment. I had been practicing and teaching sacred sexuality for about five years at that point, and I regularly utilized practices that encourage full-body orgasms that last for extended periods of time. It was not unusual for me to experience orgasm for an hour or even longer. I reasoned that the longer I was in orgasm the deeper the glimpse of enlightenment. But the extended orgasms were enough to keep me doing the practices. Enlightenment seemed like a very distant goal.

Fast forward twenty-some years later. I had continued the practices of deep orgasmic bliss. One day I had an experience that showed me the truth of what Dr. Peebles had been saying. I was making love with my partner John and lying back as he pleasured me. I imagined my yoni (vulva) as a cosmic portal. In the next moment I had a vision of a yoni made of rays of light on a black background. Then suddenly I shifted into a field of light. There was no “I” anymore, just a sense of oneness with all that is. It was a moment of enlightenment.

Since then, those moments have come more and more frequently. Enlightenment no longer seems like a distant goal.

The path is often like this. The pleasure of orgasm is a powerful alluring energy. It provides the motivation to keep doing the practices.

The first step is to fully embrace your sexual energy, and learn to express it joyfully and enthusiastically. For many people that is enough, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The more orgasmic energy there is in the world, the more joy and peace there is!

Some people want to take it further, all the way to enlightenment. I celebrate those people as well.

If this is a path that intrigues you, I can help you walk it. Whether it is freeing up your sexual energy, or learning to use it for your enlightenment, I’ve been there and I’ve helped many people along that path.

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I look forward to connecting with you!

Make Some Sound!

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

Did you know one of the best ways to get your sexual energy moving and flowing is to make sound?

There are energy centers in the body, called chakras in the yogic and Tantric teachings. There are seven main chakras along the spine, and each one has a different kind of energy associated with it.

The two chakras that are involved in this principle of making sound to get your sexual energy flowing are the throat chakra and the sexual chakra.

The sexual chakra is located in the lower belly, pelvis and genitals. It includes sexuality and sensuality and emotional expression.

The throat chakra is about communication and self-expression. It is located in the throat and it also includes the jaw and the mouth.

There is an energetic resonance between the two chakras. You can even see it physically in the structures of the body. The shape of the jaw echoes the shape of pubic bone. A woman’s lips (both upper and lower sets) open as she gets aroused.

If you’re trying to be quiet while making love, that resonance will create a dampening of energy in your sexual center. It’s true in the other direction as well. If you make sound your sexual energy will begin to flow more freely.

If you’re not used to making sound, you can start with a gentle “Ah” sound. That will be enough to open up the flow. Of course, you’re also free to yell your head off if you like!

The next time you are activating your sexual energy, try adding sound and see what happens. You may have a lot of fun!

Sexual energy is a powerful force and it deserves to be honored!

Stolen Kisses

“I always have to steal my kisses from you.”

This was a line in a pop song I was exposed to frequently a few years ago. I always wished I could have a conversation with the person who wrote the song. I could share a few things that might have helped them.

First, it might be that stealing kisses is the reason that they have to steal kisses. That may sound paradoxical, but bear with me. Stealing kisses is a boundary violation. If someone receives violations of their boundaries over and over, the natural response is to set up more and more protection. So violating someone’s boundary is actually working against your interests of having more intimacy.

There’s another clue in the line. The singer calls them MY kisses. That implies that they are self-serving kisses. They are not kisses that are meant to give energy to their partner. They are meant to take energy from them.

This line popped up in my mind the other day as I was kissing my beloved partner John. I was noticing the vast difference between the situation described in the song and the situation I was in at the moment. I was freely giving kisses with joy and love. There was so much energy in those kisses that it lit him up. He was beaming when we stopped.

A shift in orientation from stealing to giving can bring tremendous rewards. You may receive far more than you could ever steal.

Of course, this shift may not happen overnight. If you have set up a pattern it takes time for it to change. But it’s a good opportunity to watch yourself and notice if you have addictive behavior. Self-knowledge is the first step towards liberation.

So how about a different line? “I always get to give my kisses to YOU.”

Full Moon Wildness

There is something special about the energy of a full moon. It brings out the wild side. It is bright and glowing, yet none of the mundane of daytime is there. It’s a time that encourages experimentation. It’s a time when it’s okay to get a little wild. Or a lot!

I feel the goddess energy strongly during the full moon. I remember one time when I decided to act it out — to invite the archetype of a moon goddess to use my body as I gave and received the blessing of lovemaking with my partner John.

I did a little advance preparation. I bought some fabric to create a costume. I got some shiny silver fabric that was stretchy and smooth. It clung to my hips in interesting wrinkles as I tied it around my waist. And I found some floaty off-white chiffon, which I draped around my shoulders. I wore a moonstone necklace and earrings. And nothing else.

The trip to the fabric store to get this fabric is a story in itself. As I stood in line to get the fabric measured, I noticed that the young woman behind the counter was asking each person what they were going to make with their fabric. I had some time to consider my answer before I got there. When she asked me, I replied, “I’m going to dress up like a moon goddess, so my boyfriend can worship the goddess through my body.” I felt a little nervous about saying this, not knowing how she would respond.

She was shocked. Her mouth tightened, and her eyes avoided mine. I felt sad for her. She was closing herself off to so much pleasure. I could see it in the way she held her body and in her reaction to my statement. I sent her an inward blessing, and a prayer that sexual shame be lifted from this planet.

I also was pleased that I stood in my knowing that sexual energy is holy. And maybe the interaction with me planted a seed with her. Maybe it prepared the way for a transformation that came later. Or not. That part is out of my control. But I think it serves the transformation of this planet to stay strong and positive in the attitude that sexuality is sacred.

Back to the moon goddess night. We were camping on a hillside above a lake in Oregon. It was a warm summer night and we made our bed outside on the ground. The moon was bright and the oak trees all around us were black and gnarled. The moonlight glittered on the water.

I sat across John’s hips as he laid flat on his back, and raised my arms to the moon. I asked the moon goddess to enter me. I gave myself to the archetype of the moon goddess. I surrendered to her and sent a prayer that she honor this beautiful man who I love so much. I felt steeped in magic, and on holy ground.

This is the power of archetype. This particular night was about the moon goddess. I relate to her deeply so it was a natural connection.

What archetype do you relate to? How would it feel to embody it? What would be fun for you? I encourage you to experiment with these powerful energies.

And have fun in the full moon wildness!

Naked to the Soul

This month’s new moon, on November 4 is in Scorpio. Not only that, it is very close to Mars which rules Scorpio. It’s an excellent time to bring some Scorpio energy into your relationship.

The first word I think of when I think of Scorpio is “intense’. Scorpio thrives upon intensity. Surface interactions just don’t do it. They want depth.

Scorpio has a reputation for being a sexy sign. Sexual energy is their resting ground.

A Scorpio wants you naked. But the nakedness goes beyond the body. They want you to be naked to your soul. To reveal yourself, the hidden depths, is the ultimate nakedness, and the ultimate turn-on.

Of course, it takes trust to do this. If you want your partner to reveal themselves, then you need to be trustworthy. This means receiving what they give you without judgment or criticism — being in unconditional love and acceptance. When you do this consistently over time, then you build the trust that allows your partner to feel safe enough to be naked with you — beyond the skin.

If this has not been the flavor of your relationship so far, you can use this new moon as a new beginning of building a connection of trust and safety. Let your partner know that you want to make a new start. and keep focusing upon their beauty and lovability. The more you find them right, the more they will begin to trust you.

Here’s a gift of something that may help you create more intimacy with your partner. It’s a cut from a longer guided experience called Communing: Intimate Connection For Couples. This is a collaboration with beautiful music by award-winning composer and musician Kevin Braheny Fortune, who was the cofounder and coteacher at the Center for Divine Passion with me in the 1990’s.

Get yourself into a comfortable position with your partner. Arrange yourself so that you can look into each others eyes. Once you’re ready start the music, and use it to help yourselves drop into intimacy. Enjoy!

The full guided experience will be released November 30. Stay tuned for details.

May you enjoy nakedness to the soul.

Full Moon Sex Magic

The full moon this month, on October 20, 2021, has a complex configuration of very potent planets. Without going into too much technical detail, I’ll just say that there is a possibility of either a strong action for more equity and justice, or for global strife and conflict. It’s up to us how we express the energies.

One action that you can take to bring harmony into this mix is to do sex magic for peace.

There are many ways to do sex magic. Some are quite advanced techniques, which really should be taught in person. But here is a way you can use the principles of sex magic without having to learn much in the way of technique.

The basic idea is that your sexual energy is a source of power that can be channeled into a vision or a goal. You start by raising your sexual energy, however feels right to you. It can be through self pleasuring or through connection with a partner.

Once your energy starts to flow don’t rush straight to orgasm. When the energy gets going, slow down your physical stimulation, relax and take a breath, imagining the energy moving up your spine. As you do this visualize a world of peace and justice. If you are with a partner, do this together when either of you needs to slow down.

Repeat this at least three times. Three is a good magic number. You can do this as much as you like. Each time will build the energy a little higher.

When you feel complete, say the following: “This or something better, and for the highest good of all.” Then give it over to the universe. It’s best for you to not get involved in how it happens. Your job is to supply the vision. It’s the universe’s job to make it happen.

Thank you for doing your part for world peace!


The new moon on Wednesday is in Libra. This next lunar month is a good time to bring Libra energy into your relationship.

Libra is a sign that is quite immersed in relationships. They are a high priority for someone who is running a a lot of Libra energy. So putting a lot of attention on how your relationship is going is a quality of Libra that can serve the relationship.

Librans value peace and harmony in relationship. They are disturbed by strife. They excel in mediating and peacemaking. This requires tuning into what the other person needs. Communication is a important component of tuning into someone else’s needs.

What is your communication like with your partner? Is there a confrontational or aggressive tone to your conversation? Do you speak words in anger? If this is so, you might benefit from a little dose of Libran harmony.

This is not to say that it’s not okay to be angry. Anger can be a useful wake-up call that something needs to shift. However, there are ways to communicate this gently that make the communication better able to be received.

There are two components to anger. There is the energy of anger, which is fiery and hot. Then there is the issue that you are angry about. When you collapse these two components together, it can result in toxic communication. It’s easy to throw angry words like knives which leave a lasting cut.

I have found that it leads to more harmony if you separate these two components. First deal with the energy of anger. This may be better to do by yourself. Move your body. Scream and shout. Stomp your feet. Pound some pillows. You will probably find that the energy of anger dissipates quite quickly with these kinds of techniques. This will leave you calm and able to discuss the issues that need attention.

If you can have a communication from this calm place, then it’s much more likely that you can connect with your partner as allies working together to solve a problem. A disagreement can be an opportunity to refine your relationship so that it works even better!

Happy new moon!

Stories of Sexual Healing

One of the things I love about my work is watching changes in my clients over time. Here are some examples of the way people have blossomed.

There was a woman who had history of childhood sexual abuse, and had been shut down sexually for two years with no response or interest. Our work with boundaries allowed her to begin to say no when she needed. From there, she began to be able to say yes and now she enjoys her sexuality deeply.

One man was very intellectual and scientifically oriented when he started to work with me. He challenged a lot of the “woo-woo” teachings about energy. His questions, which were sometimes a bit aggressive, were met lovingly and with acceptance. Over time he began to feel energy in his body himself, and now he enjoys extended orgasm with or without ejaculation, and talks about the amazing waves of energy in his body. He is also much more warm and loving in his interactions with people.

Then there is the woman who, when she first came to see me, was not very comfortable in expressing her femininity. She felt more at home in masculine energy. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, for her it felt false. It was a choice based on fear rather than a true preference. Now she has completely transformed. One way that manifests is by wearing flowing beautiful clothing that expresses her sensuality. Often when I look at her I see the goddess in her expressing her divine feminine nature.

One woman came to me after the break up of a 20-year marriage. All she needed was a little permission and validation, and she soon began to express her energy is beautiful and exuberant ways. She is stunning in who she is, and she is realizing that more and more all the time.

One man was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, which had left him with a paralyzing fear whenever his sexual energy started to rise. He would immediately and involuntarily tense his muscles and shut it down. This was very frustrating to him. Slowly, over time, his body began to realize that he was safe when sexual energy was present. Now he is beginning to be more able to feel his sexual energy fully without stopping it. The small changes are adding up to a big transformation.

It is so gratifying to watch these, and others, as they grow and expand. And in the process I fall in love with each and every one, in love with their magnificent spirits.


Monday’s new moon is in Virgo. Virgo is not considered one of the sexier signs. It is usually noted for its analytical abilities and attention to detail. However, there is one aspect of Virgo that I think really can enhance a relationship, and that is the attitude of service.

What would it be like for you to drop it into devotional service towards your partner? Perhaps you could gift them with a day where are you are totally in service to them. Cook them breakfast, or give them a massage, or run errands for them. Ask them what they need, and do it.

The key here is doing all this as an expression of the love in your heart for them, and remembering that love as you do the tasks that would serve them. You can imagine a glowing light in your heart that represents your love, and letting light flow from your heart down your arms into your hands. It flows into whatever task you are doing, and fills it with love, so that the end product is imbued with love. It is like a meditation in motion. That is the devotional aspect of service.

If you choose to do this, give freely with no expectations in return. You may find that you receive gifts beyond your imagination and they may be different than you expect. Try it and see!