Private Work

For individualized attention, private work is the best. I can give you my complete attention so that you get exactly what you need. I have an extremely limited availability for private work, but I love helping women and couples blossom into the fullest expression of their sexuality, heart and spirit!

There are two ways that you can work with me privately:

Private online sessions

Private retreats

What clients say . . .

“Satya creates a safe and sacred space. It invited me to open to healing past wounds that were inflicted upon my sexuality by social and cultural norms. I feel much happier and freer to express who I am in all aspects of my life.” – KD

“I trust you so completely that I know I can go into the deepest darkest parts of myself and be held in the light by you.” – MS

“Satya helped me push thru a wall of shame I had in my acceptance of the pleasures my body offers me. She touched me deeply. It was healing. I will never forget the little push towards love and acceptance that she helped me with.” – AC