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You can have it! Allow yourself to be wild and free, confident in your sexuality. Is it time to unleash your beautiful sexual energy?

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What clients say . . .

My husband and I had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to Satya’s work through a mutual friend earlier this year. We went in with virtually no expectations for marriage counseling, however we were left with utter delight in her non threatening, non judgmental therapy style. I was in awe of my husband trusting her so early on in our sessions which speaks volumes towards her nature. My husband is not a “therapy” kind of guy! It was miraculous to see him engage with her in such a beautiful and trusting manner.

With our 26 years of union, a lot of both positive and negative experiences were carved out, ultimately unconsciously reshaping our existence with one another and how related to one another. Disappointments, perhaps even grudges were formed. Unspoken heartache and sadness were left to fester internally, ultimately pulling us apart.

Satya’s work shed beautiful new light onto us both. She provoked profound new insights which allowed me to see my husband as I did when we first met 26 years ago. I was able to look past the experiences I labeled as good or bad, as if to say we were flawed. Satya portrayed us both in such a beautiful light my husband actually appeared child like, so pure and full of love, which in turn broke down a barrier between us allowing us to love more deeply.

We both are so grateful to her and her inner work. I have seen quite a few therapists in my life and hands down, Satya’s style is exceptional in getting people to open up, and feel safe from the beginning. I believe her promoting intimacy so early on is a key factor in the success of her work. For that and much much more we both thank you! “- P

Another . . .

“I buried myself in others and held them responsible for my happiness. No more. Satya will guide you on a wondrous journey, with kindness and joy, towards the happiness that is already in you. With gentle love, true humility, and sincere integrity, she’ll help you see that there’s nothing missing in your soul except the watering. And she’ll water you with touch, talk, books and energy, as you travel further than ever before – into yourself. And you’ll like what you find. Satya’s hand is one of the most valuable that I have ever held. It is there for you too!” – EP