Initiation into Mysteries of Sacred Sex

Lovemaking is way more than physical. There are energy pathways throughout your body that get lit up when you activate your sexual energy consciously. This leads to a full-body experience of pleasure that can take you to a place of ecstatic communion — with yourself, your partner, and the universe.

It often takes some rearranging of your normal ways of sexual play to get to a place like this. There is an art to conscious lovemaking, and that art is not usually taught to us as we mature into sexual beings. The good news is that this art can be taught.

I am offering a special kind of session for Valentine’s Day — a Couple’s Connection Ceremony. You can think of it as an initiation into the mysteries of sacred sexuality. I will gently and respectfully guide you into an experience of sweet connection, full-body pleasure, and mystical awareness of the oneness of All-That-Is.

This ceremony will help you to:

  • reconnect with your partner
  • to sink into a field of love and connection
  • to see your partner with fresh eyes, appreciate them and be appreciated in return
  • to remember why you are together
  • to refresh the love that brought you together in the first place
  • to allow the erotic divine energies of god and goddess to move through you and your beloved
  • to feel the ecstatic bliss of a sacred sexual connection

This ceremony is done online so you can be in the privacy of your own home.

You are at choice every moment of the way. I am comfortable with nudity and sexual energy, so if you want to go there during the ceremony, I celebrate your beauty! And if you want to keep the interactions more private, then the ceremony is a great precursor to intimate time with each other after the session. Your comfort is paramount.

If you are interested in this special offer, then click here to find out more.

I look forward to helping you explore the depths of connection and pleasure!

Active and Receptive

One of the things I find really interesting in sexual energetics is the difference between masculine and feminine energies.

This isn’t necessarily connected to whether whether you have a male or female body. I think of masculine as the active principle and feminine as the receptive principle. It’s possible to run either of those energies regardless of which kind of body you have physically.

My energy is predominately feminine or receptive. Most of my lovers have been masculine or active. So my personal experience is with this dynamic, and this is what I want to talk about in this writing.

The active person’s role in lovemaking is to shape the experience. They provide the container for the energy. My partner John says, “I make love to you.” He is focused upon my reactions and how what he is doing resonates through my body. He understands that the more attention he gives my experience, the more energy he receives.

The receptive person’s role is simply to surrender. That is usually what I do in lovemaking. I’ve noticed that the more that I surrender, the better the lovemaking is for both of us. There have been times in the past where I hadn’t embraced that principle fully yet. At moments I would feel guilty, like I wasn’t returning enough energy to my partner. I was simply surrendering to pleasure. But what I found is that when I tried to engineer a more equal exchange, the energy would often fall flat. I’ve been blessed with many wonderful lovers, and they all have had in common that they derived their pleasure from my pleasure.

There is a Tantric teaching that says that the energy that the active one (often the man) puts into opening up the receptive one (often the woman) comes back to him. Because the receptive ones have the capacity to surrender fully more easily, they can access places that the active one has trouble getting to. And when the receptive one accesses those places, they can take their partner along.

And everybody’s happy!

If you’d like support in having a relationship that includes sexuality that makes you smile and sing, I’m here for you! Let’s start with a free Sexual Communion Gateway Session. Click the link to get your session.

A Man’s Perspective

I write a lot about my experience of sexual energetics. Today I asked my partner John Thompson what he experiences as I am having energetic openings. Here’s what he said.

“When I’m making love to you I focus upon a certain part of your body — your breast, your neck, or wherever.” I make love to that part. I admire and adore it. You respond really positively. You get excited and go into a blissful state as you experience me making love to your body.

“When you get excited, I get excited by what I’m causing to happen in you. It makes me want to express even more love towards your body.

“It’s like playing an instrument. I have to know when you’ve had enough stimulation on a certain part of your body. A crescendo happens, like a mini-orgasm in that area. I can sense the energy waning and I back off and move to someplace else.

“It is important to have the orientation of giving pleasure rather than trying to take it. Taking is not coming from love. Giving is considering the other person with love from the heart.”

Energetics of Ecstasy

Paying attention to the energetics of sexuality can lead to an experience of sublime opening and dissolving into ecstasy. I had a direct experience of that the other day with my beloved partner John Thompson. Let me tell you little about it so you can get an idea of what is possible.

We were having one of our connection ceremonies, which we make a practice of doing weekly. We set aside several hours to be with each other in an intimate way. These ceremonies begin with practices to help us connect mentally, emotionally and spiritually before we begin connecting physically. (I wrote a guide to these connection ceremonies which you can get by clicking here.)

We were just beginning the physical part of our connection. One of the things that I love doing with him is honoring his lingam (a Sanskrit word for penis which means “wand of light”.) There are many ways to do that, but on this particular day I asked him to lie on his back and I knelt between his legs and placed my heart over his lingam. I felt the light that he channels through his lingam enter my heart and open it to more love. I melted with the power of that energy and the love I felt for him.

A little later, I noticed that my throat and shoulder felt a little deadened. I asked him to kiss me there, and as he did I felt my body awakening. It was as if rays of light radiated out from my throat over my shoulder.

Later still, we had our heads close together. My hands moved to touch the tops of both of our heads. In my mind’s eye, I saw a golden cone of light emanating from the top of my head. I felt a deep connection with John and with the divine.

The upper chakras, or energy centers, were open.

As we lay together facing each other, John’s fingers went to my spine just above the sacrum. I felt a warm tingling move through my pelvis and I began to move like dancing while horizontal. He stroked down each leg and it felt like my legs got filled up with aliveness. I had an image of myself as a sky dancer, a channel of the erotic divine feminine, dancing above him.

Fully energized now, we began to move and merge with each other. Our lovemaking went on for quite some time. There’s a moment that I remember very vividly. I went into orgasmic energy, and as I surrendered to the pleasure, I dissolved into light. It was beautiful purple-blue hued white light.

There are so many energetic principles embodied in this story: the difference between male and female sexual energetics, asking for what you want as you want it, how important the whole body is for lovemaking.

When making love as energetic adepts, it truly is a path of awakening. And it’s so much fun!

Appreciation for the Courageous

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 on Unsplash

I want to take a moment to appreciate the wonderful people who are or have been my clients. Many of them have struggled with wounding in their sexuality — perhaps sexual abuse or being indoctrinated with sexual shame. This kind of history makes a big impact upon their ability to have a sexual relationship that is full of ecstasy and joy.

If this is you (whether you’ve been my client or not), I want to tell you how much I respect what you had to do to survive. It took tremendous courage and resources within you to survive. That was no small feat! You did what was necessary to navigate a situation that was awful or even horrendous.

If you are ready to take the next step — to move into a new way of being where you are free from the impact those early experiences made upon you, then you are ready and willing to do what it takes to heal. You may not know what to do, but the willingness is there. That willingness is a key ingredient to healing. The motivation to do the work comes from that.

You can heal. You can find joy in your sexuality. I will help you find the way, as I’ve helped hundreds before. It is my honor to hold you in a healing container, to help you on your path towards wholeness, peace and joy.

If you are ready, take the next step. I offer you a complimentary Sexual Communion Gateway Session. Click the link to set it up today!


You may have heard people say that forgiveness is not for the other person but for yourself. I got to see this in action a little while ago, as I worked with a client in a daylong intensive.

My client came to me in distress because his sister wanted to end their relationship. He had been struggling with this for six months, and he was very depressed by the situation.

He had an understanding that because they came from an abusive family, she may have felt traumatized by reconnecting with him. But this understanding was only intellectual and it did not change how he felt. He felt tormented by the situation.

During our work together, he made his way to forgiveness. Forgiveness for his mother who abused him and his siblings, for his mother’s father who probably abused her, and for his father who didn’t do anything to stop his wife from beating him and his sisters. He said that he had paid lip service to forgiveness in the past, but now he really felt it.

I watched his energy lighten up as the day progressed. The act of forgiveness helped him drop away the pain held in his body and mind. A few days later, he reported that both his partner and his assistant had commented that he looks different — lighter, as if a weight has been taken off of him.

Here is what he said about the experience:

“The work with Satya was amazing. I was able to reach levels of forgiveness that I never thought possible. Now I can have a ceremony at which I will burn my sister’s letter and send her love and blessings. The pain and suffering that has plagued the relationship between her and me for decades will be over and I can start moving forward again, with no guilt and a lighter heart.” – JB

Do you have a situation where forgiveness would help you lighten up and be happier? I’d love to support you in reaching a place of peace. To take the first step, click here to book a free Discovery Session by phone to explore whether we are a good fit.

Time for a Deep Dive

Photo by Maël BALLAND from Pexels

It’s fairly standard in the coaching and therapy world to have hour-long sessions. Most people don’t think anything about that. But I have a different opinion.

I’ve been doing emotional work with clients as a coach for around 30 years. I’ve had around 15,000 client sessions. From that experience I have noticed that there is a trajectory to sessions.

People come to sessions out of their busy days. They have things on their mind, things to get done. They may have built up defenses against uncomfortable feelings. There are a multitude of ways that people’s minds can be busy when they first arrive at a session.

It seems to take about 45 minutes before people really drop into being present and open to delving deep. So that means if it’s an hour session, there are only 15 minutes of really effective work.

This is why I do longer sessions. Even my regular short Zoom sessions are 90 minutes long. This gives much more time to deepen the exploration, to dive into the really important things.

And I take it much further too. My favorite way to work is with a day-long intensive. During this day my client and I go off the clock. We work in an organic flow of talk, movement, silence for introspection, and guided meditations. Whatever seems most appropriate to my client is what we do. We dive deep.

I’ve seen remarkable results with these day-long intensives. Deep healing is possible in a deep dive, and it happens!

If you want to go deep and get a lot done in a short time, I’d love to support you in reaching a place of peace. To take the first step, click here to book a free Discovery Session by phone to explore whether we are a good fit.

The Power of Love

I recently did a day-long intensive with a man who had been experiencing a deep rift with his brother. Originally he wanted to do this day with his brother, but his brother refused, so he came alone to work on his own issues.

He arrived full of pain and righteous anger. His physical body was in a lot of pain, and his emotional body was hard and resistant. He was vehemently holding on to “the way things should be.”

As the day unfolded, he began to soften up. I helped him find compassion for his brother and to understand why his brother was doing the things he had done. I encouraged him to send his brother love, even if it was only in spirit and not in person.

And the power of love showed up! He left that day with a kinder heart and that remained with him. He contacted his brother from that kindness, and his brother opened to him. Now they’re both going to do another day-long helping the two of them heal their wounds and reconnect.

I found it remarkable that the work this person did while not physically with his brother was strong enough to create an opening in his brother. This is the power of love in action!

If you or someone you know has an issue that could benefit from the power of love, I’d be honored to support you. I only do two of these day-long intensives per month, but I’d be happy to talk with you about this. Just click this link to get started with a complimentary Discovery Session by phone to explore whether we are a good fit.

Love is powerful!

Sharpening Appreciation

A couple of weeks ago, we had two fires only a few miles from my beautiful land in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. This was the closest that fire had ever been to us. We watched nervously as it crept closer towards us each day, wondering if we would have to evacuate, wondering if we would still be able to be here.

Thankfully, the rain came and the fires are no longer a problem. I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon as life returns to normal. I’m in a sharpened appreciation of the beauty of everyday life here. Things that I once took for granted now strike me to the core with their beauty.

Here are some things that I have appreciated recently:

• the golden sunlight at the end of the day shining on the trees outside my kitchen window.

• hearing my partner John lovingly talking to the cat as he prepares her food.

• watching the oak leaves flutter in the wind and bounce sunlight in a shimmer.

• the intricate shape of a lettuce leaf.

• having healthy and delicious plant-based dinners.

• witnessing John and my land partner and dear friend Kevin talk about fixing the tractor. Appreciating their connection that expresses itself in that way.

• having a medicine circle that supports deep healing with clients.

• feeling the deep connection that Kevin, John and I have with each other.

• metaphysical talks over dinner.

• laughing at each other’s jokes.

There’s nothing like almost losing something to make you appreciate it! I thought I appreciated it before, but is has really increased now. As Joni Mitchell said, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” I’m working on remembering regardless of whether it’s threatened or not.

What do you appreciate in your life? Leave a comment and celebrate it!

Love is Growing

“She rocked my world last night,” he said dreamily. “Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!”

It was the last session of a series with a couple who were working to bring back their sexual energy. They were both glowing.

This is why I do this work. It is so rewarding to see the changes in a couple or individual, to witness them wake up that spark of vitality and life that may have gone dormant. To see the closeness and intimacy restored. To share in the joy of their connection.

Here’s what the woman in this couple said about working with me:

“I contacted Satya looking to reignite my sexual and creative energy. Since menopause, I’ve been spending a lot more time in bed reading my books than engaging with my partner. Thanks to sessions with Satya and the practices she suggested, I discovered how important alone time and filling my cup is to my partnership, deepened my intimate connection with my partner and tended to an old fear I’d been covering up for decades. I am so grateful for Satya’s wisdom, openheartedness and devotion to this work.”

I share this with you in hopes that it inspires you. If you are struggling to have a sensual/sexual relationship that fills you up with delight, I can help. We can start with a complimentary Sexual Communion Gateway Session. In this session, we’ll talk about what your challenges are and what your vision is, and I’ll share some recommendations for how you can get started on your way. This session has no strings attached. Just click the link to schedule. I’m opening up my schedule for two of these sessions this month.