When the Magic Doesn’t Work

Generally, the connection between my beloved partner John and me flows easily and smoothly. I feel gratitude for the work that we’ve both done to be able to get to this place. But that doesn’t mean it always is easy. Just a little while ago, we were in one of our regular connection ceremonies. TheseContinue reading “When the Magic Doesn’t Work”

Loving Only One

When I was learning about sacred sexuality, in Marin County, California in the 90’s, the community there was very polyamorous. The workshops encouraged moving from partner to partner, experimenting with what gifts different people had to offer you. There was a lot of freedom there, and also a lot of relationship drama — side attractions,Continue reading “Loving Only One”

Ecstatic Flow

It’s a sublime experience to be with a beloved so intimately that your bodies move all on their own. It’s a wisdom beyond the mind, where your bodies are so tuned into the energy flows of the universe that they move together of their own volition. This is a video of my partner John andContinue reading “Ecstatic Flow”

A Little Help From My Friends

Luscious Loving is getting a little help from my friends! I’m excited to announce that my upcoming couple’s group is going to be deeply enriched by two of my favorite people in the world. My beloved partner, John Thompson, will be joining me each session to assist with teaching about the ins and outs (punContinue reading “A Little Help From My Friends”

Luscious Loving

What Does It Take? What does it take to have luscious loving? There are several different qualities that are necessary for a relationship to blossom. If any of them are missing, there’s a piece missing from the relationship. It’s not as well-rounded and complete. Connection and intimacy are crucial to a sweet relationship. When connectionContinue reading “Luscious Loving”


“That group changed my life!”“You changed my life.”“The group was life-changing.” Almost 30 years ago, for several years, I taught a series of sacred sexuality groups with my partner-at-the-time, Kevin Braheny Fortune (still my land partner and dear friend). This was through the school we founded, the Center for Divine Passion. Recently I’ve been inContinue reading “Life-Changing!”

Inspiration from Pleasure

Pleasure is such a powerful vehicle for inspiration. I was reminded once again about this yesterday, during one of our regular connection ceremonies with my beloved partner John. We spend an afternoon together once a week, with the intention of deepening the connection between us on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’sContinue reading “Inspiration from Pleasure”

Active and Receptive

One of the things I find really interesting in sexual energetics is the difference between masculine and feminine energies. This isn’t necessarily connected to whether whether you have a male or female body. I think of masculine as the active principle and feminine as the receptive principle. It’s possible to run either of those energiesContinue reading “Active and Receptive”

A Man’s Perspective

I write a lot about my experience of sexual energetics. Today I asked my partner John Thompson what he experiences as I am having energetic openings. Here’s what he said. “When I’m making love to you I focus upon a certain part of your body — your breast, your neck, or wherever.” I make loveContinue reading “A Man’s Perspective”

Energetics of Ecstasy

Paying attention to the energetics of sexuality can lead to an experience of sublime opening and dissolving into ecstasy. I had a direct experience of that the other day with my beloved partner John Thompson. Let me tell you little about it so you can get an idea of what is possible. We were havingContinue reading “Energetics of Ecstasy”