Sexual Communion

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How’s your sex life? 

Are you feeling an increased desire to have epic, earth-shattering lovemaking in your reality? 

Are you in a partnership that doesn’t seem like a nurturing space for this new energy? 

Are you single and unsure how to allow this new energy to expand and influence your life?

There is nothing wrong with you. 

As we get older, some of us experience a heightened sexual drive and this can be a powerful transformative time to connect with your body and intentionally cultivate more “turn on” in your life. 

Women’s sexual energy is a pure and vital force — to be honored and cultivated by all those who touch it

I help women and couples who are navigating new peaks in their sexuality, or struggling to connect when one person wants more and the other isn’t there yet…

I help them to reclaim their sexual potency, honor it, get the most out of their bodies and lives as they fully express their sexual selves, and when necessary to gently bring this new awakening up with their partners and do their best to include them in the transformation so it can be a shared experience. 

It’s time to unlock the full potential of your sexual energy as a source of pleasure, power and ecstatic opening.

That’s why I created the Sexual Communion Programs

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So you can give yourself permission to be fully wild and free

So you can honor your yearn for deeper pleasure

So you can get more than just glimpses of a mystical realm during the heights of pleasure

So you can reach these places more reliably

Hi! I’m Satya Lila.

I help women and couples to create sexual communion. I have taught the art of sacred sexuality since 1993, when I was among the first of the sacred sexuality teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area (under the name Anna Harvey). I’ve led hundreds of workshops all over the US and in Japan, facilitated around 15,000 private sessions, and countless people have told me that I changed their lives. Whether it be through private coaching, home study, or workshops, I am here to support you in finding your way into a joyful, mature sexuality. As one of my favorite mentors said, a woman in her early 80’s who had been married to the same man for 60 years, “Sex isn’t as frequent now, but it’s better than ever!” I want this for you too.

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HeatherAsh Amara, Best-selling Author of Warrior Goddess Training, says this about me:

“I highly recommend Satya to people wanting to be consciously courageous in regards to their sexuality, and seeking a spiritual mentor and guide to compassionately and joyfully show what is possible. Satya’s embodied wisdom and spiritual insights are much-needed medicine for anyone ready to turn past challenges into aware, awakened healing. Her capacity to support people through transformation is unparalleled.” – HeatherAsh Amara, Best-selling Author of Warrior Goddess Training

My Clients Say:

“With Satya’s help, we have learned new ways and practices to open to one another, to touch one another, to give and receive pleasure, to play and experience joy, and to connect on a soul level. We are more in love than ever!” – J & D

“Because of work with Satya I have allowed myself to surrender to my birthright of sexual ecstasy in the most simple of touches and eye contact.” – NH

“I struggled with guilt and confusion about sex due to childhood abuse. Satya helped me to shift my relationship to sex, to see sex as a pathway to both focused and relaxed energy. My feelings around sex have transformed. Now, sex is about adding pleasure and connection to my life. Thank you, Satya!” – CF