Sexual Renaissance During Shelter-in-Place

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Is shelter-in-place bringing up the issues in your relationship?

Are you a part of a couple who are maturing? Are you experiencing changes in your sexuality as your sexual hormones begin to wane? Is intimacy more challenging? Maybe you are having a loss of desire, and you miss the connection it creates. Maybe you have given up, decided that sex is a thing of the past, but there is still a wistful longing for the excitement and energy that used to be. Maybe you never had a good sexual relationship. Maybe you’re bored with doing the same old thing over and over for so many years.

It’s not too late! When the hormones drop, and the physical urgency lessens, it can usher in a new era of sexuality. You can learn to open to new realms of experience, where the slightest touch can create a ripple of delight. Things that once were stale become alive again. You can’t wait to run sexual energy, in an authentic way, and you enter a sexual renaissance!

Hi! I’m Satya Lila.

I help couples to create a sexual renaissance for themselves. I have taught Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality, since 1993, when I was among the first of the Tantra teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area (under the name Anna Harvey). I’ve led hundreds of workshops all over the US and in Japan, had more than 15,000 private sessions, and countless people have told me that I changed their lives. Whether it be through private coaching or workshops, I am here to support you in finding your way into a joyful, mature sexuality. As one of my favorite mentors said, a woman in her early 80’s who had been married to the same man for 60 years, “Sex isn’t as frequent now, but it’s better than ever!” I want this for you too.

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Here’s what HeatherAsh Amara, best-selling author of Warrior Goddess Training, says about me:

“I’ve known Satya for over 15 years, and she is one of my favorite humans on the planet. Not only is she immensely compassionate and clear, her spiritual insights and capacity to support people through transformation is unparalleled. As a “juicy elder” Satya has been an incredible role model of graceful, playful aging and has lovingly guided me through some challenging times with skill and wisdom. I highly recommend Satya to singles or couples wanting to be consciously courageous in regards to sexual changes, and are seeking a spiritual mentor and guide to compassionately and joyfully show what is possible. Satya’s embodied wisdom and spiritual insights are much-needed medicine for anyone ready to turn natural changes and past challenges into aware, awakened healing.”

Here is feedback from a couple I worked with recently:

“We are writing with deep gratitude for the many positive outcomes resulting from coaching and guidance received from Satya Lila. Just a few months ago, we were on the verge of giving up when it comes to having sex together. There’s a last time for everything, we reasoned. However, having a beginner’s understanding of tantra, we decided to broaden the scope of our inquiry to explore not only sex but also love, intimacy and spiritual communion.

We met Satya 12 years ago at the beginning of our relationship. She was very helpful then in supporting us to jumpstart the physical aspect of our connection. So, naturally, we thought to contact her again. Our sessions with her have been extraordinary, both inspirational and pragmatic. We have learned new ways and practices to open to one another, to touch one another, to give and receive pleasure, to play and experience joy, and to connect on a soul level.

With Satya’s help, we are more in love than ever and well-resourced in sharing deep fulfillment in a variety of ways. Where there was resignation and discouragement, now there is excitement and confidence. We highly recommend Satya to you.”
J & D

Learn more about working with me.

“What you said lifted a burden from my shoulders that I have carried for 14 years. I will never think of this problem in the same way.” — DM, Phoenix, AZ

D.M., Phoenix, Az

“I buried myself in others and held them responsible for my happiness. No more. Satya will guide you on a wondrous journey, with kindness and joy, towards the happiness that is already in you. With gentle whispers, dazzling smiles, loving eyes, caressing laughs, true humility, and sincere integrity, she’ll help you see that there’s nothing missing in your soul except the watering. And she’ll water you with touch, talk, books and energy, as you travel further than ever before – into yourself. And you’ll like what you find. Satya’s hand is one of the most valuable that I have ever held. It is there for you too!”


Ernesto Perez, Attorney