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I’ve been studying, practicing, and teaching sacred sexuality and Tantra for over 30 years. I’ve had around 15,000 client sessions, led hundreds of workshops all over the US and in Japan, and countless people have told me that I changed their life.

A client wrote: “I think of you all the time — your peace and the energy you transmit. So soothing to me. Your kindness. Always thoughts of love and appreciation for the way you touched my life and what you helped me to open my eyes and heart to at such an emotional time. And what’s possible to experience in any season of life. I appreciate you.” – DAB

But it hasn’t always been easy.

When I was in my 30’s, I was in a relationship where sex just wasn’t happening. I felt a deep longing for more connection with my partner, and for the beauty of the ecstatic energy of sexuality. No matter how I tried, it just seemed like he wasn’t available for that. I was living in a continual state of yearning for more.

I remember one day that encapsulated the way our relationship was. We were on a camping trip together, and having lunch in his pickup truck. We were talking about the lack of sexual connection. He told me that when I went into sexual energy that he felt abandoned. I felt horrified at the thought that I was abandoning him, and I made a choice that I would stay with him instead of soaring into pleasure like I wanted to do.

We were eating an avocado that had a florescent orange sticker with the word “RIPE”. I peeled the sticker off the avocado and stuck it on the dashboard. I remember thinking sadly to myself, “I am ripe, but no one is picking me.” But I was so desperate for any kind of connection with him that I was willing to try this.

My older and wiser self has a different opinion about this choice, but I still had a lot to learn then!

We tried this strategy for several months. My sexual energy shut down completely. I was unable to have an orgasm, and he and I rarely had a sexual connection. We let the relationship limp along for a while, and then we decided to separate.

One day, I had an experience of awakening.

My partner and I had separated. It was springtime, and I felt the sap rising in my body as the plants and earth awakened. One day I felt a surge of energy through my body as life returned. I realized how much I had abandoned myself in trying not to abandon him. I resolved then and there to never dishonor myself like that again — to never believe that I was too much.

I immersed myself in learning about sacred sexuality. I began with taking a few workshops, then I went on to an intensive ongoing group which I did for years. I learned practices that honored my sexuality as a sacred force. I learned techniques that enabled me to be in orgasmic energy for an hour or more at a time. Sacred sexuality became a lifestyle for me. I lived with people who were on the same path, and surrounded myself with people who encouraged me to be all I could be.

Twenty years later, the man who I am speaking of acknowledged something to me. He told me that it was never me who was too much or abandoning him. It was things unhealed in him that he wasn’t ready to face. He tried to divert it to me so he wouldn’t have to deal with it. It was nice to receive that validation that the path I had chosen was the right one.

Becoming fully actualized

Photo by Lucia Pavonne

Something changes when you are in extended orgasm frequently. It opens a gateway to divine energy. My life began to flow more easily and joyfully. I attracted wonderful lovers who would say to me (regarding either sexual energy or emotions), “Is there more?” instead of “You’re too much.” I learned to trust in my connection with the universe, and this has taken me to unimaginable realms of ecstasy.

So that’s why I’m so passionate about helping women and couples find their sexual communion!

What clients say . . .

“Satya has helped me to expand my capacity for joy and pleasure and to express my authentic self. Now I am attracting such sweetness and beauty into my life.” – R.C., Yoga Teacher

“Satya’s capacity for compassion, understanding and love is very deep. I see her as sort of reborn in this life, an old soul maybe but with such a young heart.” – RP

“Satya creates such a safe space. She has such kind eyes. There is a halo of love around her.” – SE

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