Full Moon Wildness

There is something special about the energy of a full moon. It brings out the wild side. It is bright and glowing, yet none of the mundane of daytime is there. It’s a time that encourages experimentation. It’s a time when it’s okay to get a little wild. Or a lot!

I feel the goddess energy strongly during the full moon. I remember one time when I decided to act it out — to invite the archetype of a moon goddess to use my body as I gave and received the blessing of lovemaking with my partner John.

I did a little advance preparation. I bought some fabric to create a costume. I got some shiny silver fabric that was stretchy and smooth. It clung to my hips in interesting wrinkles as I tied it around my waist. And I found some floaty off-white chiffon, which I draped around my shoulders. I wore a moonstone necklace and earrings. And nothing else.

The trip to the fabric store to get this fabric is a story in itself. As I stood in line to get the fabric measured, I noticed that the young woman behind the counter was asking each person what they were going to make with their fabric. I had some time to consider my answer before I got there. When she asked me, I replied, “I’m going to dress up like a moon goddess, so my boyfriend can worship the goddess through my body.” I felt a little nervous about saying this, not knowing how she would respond.

She was shocked. Her mouth tightened, and her eyes avoided mine. I felt sad for her. She was closing herself off to so much pleasure. I could see it in the way she held her body and in her reaction to my statement. I sent her an inward blessing, and a prayer that sexual shame be lifted from this planet.

I also was pleased that I stood in my knowing that sexual energy is holy. And maybe the interaction with me planted a seed with her. Maybe it prepared the way for a transformation that came later. Or not. That part is out of my control. But I think it serves the transformation of this planet to stay strong and positive in the attitude that sexuality is sacred.

Back to the moon goddess night. We were camping on a hillside above a lake in Oregon. It was a warm summer night and we made our bed outside on the ground. The moon was bright and the oak trees all around us were black and gnarled. The moonlight glittered on the water.

I sat across John’s hips as he laid flat on his back, and raised my arms to the moon. I asked the moon goddess to enter me. I gave myself to the archetype of the moon goddess. I surrendered to her and sent a prayer that she honor this beautiful man who I love so much. I felt steeped in magic, and on holy ground.

This is the power of archetype. This particular night was about the moon goddess. I relate to her deeply so it was a natural connection.

What archetype do you relate to? How would it feel to embody it? What would be fun for you? I encourage you to experiment with these powerful energies.

And have fun in the full moon wildness!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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