Naked to the Soul

This month’s new moon, on November 4 is in Scorpio. Not only that, it is very close to Mars which rules Scorpio. It’s an excellent time to bring some Scorpio energy into your relationship.

The first word I think of when I think of Scorpio is “intense’. Scorpio thrives upon intensity. Surface interactions just don’t do it. They want depth.

Scorpio has a reputation for being a sexy sign. Sexual energy is their resting ground.

A Scorpio wants you naked. But the nakedness goes beyond the body. They want you to be naked to your soul. To reveal yourself, the hidden depths, is the ultimate nakedness, and the ultimate turn-on.

Of course, it takes trust to do this. If you want your partner to reveal themselves, then you need to be trustworthy. This means receiving what they give you without judgment or criticism — being in unconditional love and acceptance. When you do this consistently over time, then you build the trust that allows your partner to feel safe enough to be naked with you — beyond the skin.

If this has not been the flavor of your relationship so far, you can use this new moon as a new beginning of building a connection of trust and safety. Let your partner know that you want to make a new start. and keep focusing upon their beauty and lovability. The more you find them right, the more they will begin to trust you.

Here’s a gift of something that may help you create more intimacy with your partner. It’s a cut from a longer guided experience called Communing: Intimate Connection For Couples. This is a collaboration with beautiful music by award-winning composer and musician Kevin Braheny Fortune, who was the cofounder and coteacher at the Center for Divine Passion with me in the 1990’s.

Get yourself into a comfortable position with your partner. Arrange yourself so that you can look into each others eyes. Once you’re ready start the music, and use it to help yourselves drop into intimacy. Enjoy!

The full guided experience will be released November 30. Stay tuned for details.

May you enjoy nakedness to the soul.

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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