A Little Help From My Friends

Luscious Loving is getting a little help from my friends!

I’m excited to announce that my upcoming couple’s group is going to be deeply enriched by two of my favorite people in the world.

My beloved partner, John Thompson, will be joining me each session to assist with teaching about the ins and outs (pun intended!) of Luscious Loving. He will help me with demos and add his wisdom and the male perspective. Over the last nine years, the two of us have been in a deep dive into the exploration of what makes loving luscious. It’s really been a joint discovery of delight, and he has been an integral part of the illumination of the principles of Luscious Loving. I’m ecstatic that he will be chiming in with the wisdom he has accumulated.

And my former teaching partner, current land partner and dear friend Kevin Braheny Fortune will be making a special guest appearance for one of the evenings. He will be bringing his considerable wisdom to the topic of healing within a relationship. Kevin and I taught together for many years in the SF Bay Area, and I deeply respect the loving presence he brings to his teachings.

We will be blessed by both of them!

It’s coming up soon! Click here for more info.

Join us for a free intro evening on March 20, 2023. Group begins March 27!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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