Luscious Loving

What Does It Take?

What does it take to have luscious loving?

There are several different qualities that are necessary for a relationship to blossom. If any of them are missing, there’s a piece missing from the relationship. It’s not as well-rounded and complete.

Connection and intimacy are crucial to a sweet relationship. When connection is there, everything else flows more smoothly. But sometimes there are obstacles to connection, like the distractions and obligations of a busy life. Luckily, there are simple yet profound practices that allow you to drop into connection quickly and easily.

Sometimes the barrier to connection is deeper. We all carry some wounding around intimacy and sexuality, if nothing else as a result of growing up in a sex-negative culture that layers this beautiful energy with guilt and shame. Additionally, many people have experienced some form of abuse that has left its mark. Therefore, healing is often a necessary part of a relationship, to clear the way to let someone in.

Body rapport is a fun quality to cultivate — the knowledge of your partner’s body, whether it be through dancing, playing, massage or making love. When each partner knows the other’s body, an unconscious trust develops that is centered in the body.

Passion is easy at first, but often it wanes as a couple is together longer. It’s easy to get into routine and let the passion grow flat. Or sometimes it’s a matter of learning the art of pleasuring — how to touch so your partner quivers in delight!

Spaciousness is somewhat counter-intuitive, but very important. It creates the opportunity to be your authentic self. The more you are yourself, the more interesting you become to your beloved. And the more space you give your beloved, the more fascinating they become to you.

When all these qualities are in place, it makes a platform where you can not only enjoy a wildly satisfying loving relationship, but you can use your sexual energy for energizing things that you want to manifest in the world, or for a magnificent spiritual awakening, or just to enjoy life!

My upcoming couple’s group, Luscious Loving, will be a place to dive into each of these qualities. In the comfort of your own home, you will get to explore and experience in each of these areas.

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Join me, assisted by my beloved partner John Thompson, for a free intro evening on March 20, 2023. Group begins March 27!

You can have Luscious Loving!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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