Energetics of Ecstasy

Paying attention to the energetics of sexuality can lead to an experience of sublime opening and dissolving into ecstasy. I had a direct experience of that the other day with my beloved partner John Thompson. Let me tell you little about it so you can get an idea of what is possible.

We were having one of our connection ceremonies, which we make a practice of doing weekly. We set aside several hours to be with each other in an intimate way. These ceremonies begin with practices to help us connect mentally, emotionally and spiritually before we begin connecting physically. (I wrote a guide to these connection ceremonies which you can get by clicking here.)

We were just beginning the physical part of our connection. One of the things that I love doing with him is honoring his lingam (a Sanskrit word for penis which means “wand of light”.) There are many ways to do that, but on this particular day I asked him to lie on his back and I knelt between his legs and placed my heart over his lingam. I felt the light that he channels through his lingam enter my heart and open it to more love. I melted with the power of that energy and the love I felt for him.

A little later, I noticed that my throat and shoulder felt a little deadened. I asked him to kiss me there, and as he did I felt my body awakening. It was as if rays of light radiated out from my throat over my shoulder.

Later still, we had our heads close together. My hands moved to touch the tops of both of our heads. In my mind’s eye, I saw a golden cone of light emanating from the top of my head. I felt a deep connection with John and with the divine.

The upper chakras, or energy centers, were open.

As we lay together facing each other, John’s fingers went to my spine just above the sacrum. I felt a warm tingling move through my pelvis and I began to move like dancing while horizontal. He stroked down each leg and it felt like my legs got filled up with aliveness. I had an image of myself as a sky dancer, a channel of the erotic divine feminine, dancing above him.

Fully energized now, we began to move and merge with each other. Our lovemaking went on for quite some time. There’s a moment that I remember very vividly. I went into orgasmic energy, and as I surrendered to the pleasure, I dissolved into light. It was beautiful purple-blue hued white light.

There are so many energetic principles embodied in this story: the difference between male and female sexual energetics, asking for what you want as you want it, how important the whole body is for lovemaking.

When making love as energetic adepts, it truly is a path of awakening. And it’s so much fun!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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