The Art of Pleasuring – Variation

Variation is a key element in the art of pleasuring. When we receive the same type of stimulation for a long time, the brain tunes it out. We stop hearing the dripping faucet, for instance. Try this experiment for yourself, right now. Rub the palm of your hand with one finger in the same line,Continue reading “The Art of Pleasuring – Variation”

The Art of Pleasuring: Smooth Slow Flow

A guideline to assist you in the art of pleasuring is to incorporate a smooth, slow flow. Moving smoothly from one area to another, rather than jumping around from place to place, is important. Let there be a flow to your touch, to allow the receiver to experience his/her whole body. It can be startlingContinue reading “The Art of Pleasuring: Smooth Slow Flow”

The Art of Pleasuring: Intention

The art of pleasuring is quite complex, but there are some basic ideas that can help you a lot. One concept that is quite useful is intention and attention. Intention begins before touching starts. It’s important to check in with yourself, to ask yourself what your intention really is. Is your touch about giving orContinue reading “The Art of Pleasuring: Intention”