Peak and Valley Orgasms

In the typical Western sexual encounter, most people experience what I call a “peak orgasm.” It is very genitally focused, and usually reached through extreme tension. There is a quick rush, and then the energy drops rapidly. If you charted it on a graph, there would be a sharp peak, hence the name.

Another alternative is possible, and that is called the “valley orgasm” or the “full-body orgasm.” On a graph, this orgasm shows valleys among the peaks, so that the energy is wave-like in form. This is an orgasm that happens mostly with relaxation, and by using certain Tantric breath techniques. Since the body is not working so hard, as in a peak orgasm, a valley orgasm can last for very long periods of time – even an hour is possible. (Yes, I’m talking about both men and women here.) The sensations in a valley orgasm are quite different than a peak orgasm. It is not as genitally focused but rather the whole body is involved. Waves of energy travel up and down the body so that you are riding upon ripples of pleasure. The genitals feel pleasure, but so do the spine, the legs the arms, and all the body. And being in a state of pleasure for an extended period of time can lead to mystical experiences of union — with yourself, your partner and with the divine.

This is not to say that peak orgasms are bad or wrong. They have their place. If you only have time for a “quickie” in the morning, they are great. And to have the option of the valley orgasm as well adds to your experience.

Enjoy the valleys!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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