Sensual Delights

Today is the new moon in Taurus. A new moon is a good time for a new beginning, as it starts a new month-long cycle.

Ah, Taurus! Such an earthy, sensual sign! Taurus is about enjoying all the senses — smells, like the flowers blooming now, or the smell of your lover or yourself. Tastes, like wine and chocolate and fresh-baked bread. Sight, like the colors of those flowers, and the lush green of springtime. Sounds, like the birdsong that has returned to the land, or the soft moans and breaths of your lover. And touch, like the caresses that you give and receive with your lover or with yourself.

Is it any wonder why Taurus season is in May? And Beltane, the Celtic festival of fertility, where people would make love in the fields to assure the fertility of the upcoming crops, is May 1 – right smack dab in the middle of Taurus?

To celebrate Taurus, create a sensual delight for yourself and your partner if you have one. Prepare your space as one of beauty. Include some fragrant flowers, and choose your smoothest sheets. Have plenty of pillows so everything is very comfortable. Prepare some delicious snack food ahead of time. Gather some items that you can use to pleasure your partner’s skin, or yours. A silk scarf can be lightly dragged across naked skin. An ostrich feather can tickle pleasantly. The bristles of a hairbrush create a stimulating sensation on the skin and provide a contrast to the light touch of other things. Use your imagination to notice the textures of things that might create an interesting sensation.

If you have a partner, then you might experiment with blindfolding them so that the other senses get emphasized. Left them lie back and relax, naked, while you stimulate the senses with these items you gathered, as well as your fingertips, your fingernails, your hair, your lips, your breath, and your breasts if you have them. Notice their reactions, and follow their body’s guidance. If you choose you can take turns giving and receiving.

If you’re with yourself, you can still do many of these things. Keep the attitude of self-loving while you enjoy this delight of the senses, which is given to the ultimate lover — you!

Taurus month is an excellent time to begin to awaken your sensuality if it has gone to sleep. If you need assistance with that, I am offering three complimentary Sexual Renaissance sessions in the month of May. This is available until May 20, when Taurus season ends for the year. Act now to harness the energy of the planets!

Click here for more information and how to claim your free session.

Here’s wishing you the sensual delight of a Taurus season!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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