Comfort and Transformation

The next full moon is April 26 2021. The sun is in Taurus and the moon is in Scorpio. As with all full moons, the sun is opposite the moon. This highlights a pull between opposite energies. The trick is to balance them.

One of the characteristics of Taurus is that it loves comfort and security. Taurus likes soft velvet pillows and chocolate. Taurus doesn’t like change, being a fixed earth sign. Scorpio on the other hand is interested in depth. It revels in deep psychological probing, which is often not comfortable. Scorpio is about transformation, which is also often not comfortable.

A healthy relationship contains both of these energies. The ability to go deep, to process the shadow aspects of the personality is an essential ingredient of a conscious relationship. You have to bring your shadow side to consciousness so it doesn’t run you. Alternating these periods of deepness with Taurean sensuality and comfort allows you to integrate what you bring up from the Scorpio side.

If you are out of balance towards the Taurus side, then you might spend so much time being comfortable that there is no growth. Your relationship may become stagnant and boring. I was in a relationship where we got like that. There was so much dysfunction between us that we spent a lot of time watching the videos. I remember a depressing moment in the video store, where I realized that we had seen everything in the store that I wanted to see. There was an inbalance there. That relationship didn’t last.

On the other hand, if you’re out of balance towards the Scorpio side, then you might wear yourself out with constant processing. I remember a relationship I was in that was like that. It was not uncommon for us to stay in bed until 4:00 in the afternoon processing some upset between us. Meanwhile, we wouldn’t even have had breakfast or brushed our teeth. While the relationship engendered a lot of growth in both of us, we could have benefited from a little Taurus energy. Maybe that relationship would have lasted longer!

I guess I needed to experience both sides of Taurus and Scorpio. Those were early relationships, which are often learning grounds. Now I include both energies.

If you are in a relationship, I invite you to take a look at where you are on the spectrum between comfort and transformation. Are you balanced? Is there one side of the spectrum that you need to bring in more?

If you need more Taurus, then spend some time giving each other massage. Or create a sensual feast. Let a square of chocolate melt in your mouth and pass it back and forth to your lover with a kiss.

If you need more Scorpio energy, then you could play a game of Truth or Dare. One person chooses either Truth or Dare. If they choose Truth, then the other person asks them a question and they must answer it truthfully. If they choose Dare the other person dares them to do something and they must do it. Then you reverse sides. Your imagination is the only limit. And of course, you get to have your boundaries. If something doesn’t feel right to you then don’t do it. But look at the reasons why it doesn’t feel right. That in itself is a Scorpio action.

Taurus and Scorpio are both juicy energies for a relationship. They are well worth developing in yours! If you need support I can help you. Click here to find out more.

Have fun on this Scorpio-Taurus Full moon!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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