You may have heard people say that forgiveness is not for the other person but for yourself. I got to see this in action a little while ago, as I worked with a client in a daylong intensive.

My client came to me in distress because his sister wanted to end their relationship. He had been struggling with this for six months, and he was very depressed by the situation.

He had an understanding that because they came from an abusive family, she may have felt traumatized by reconnecting with him. But this understanding was only intellectual and it did not change how he felt. He felt tormented by the situation.

During our work together, he made his way to forgiveness. Forgiveness for his mother who abused him and his siblings, for his mother’s father who probably abused her, and for his father who didn’t do anything to stop his wife from beating him and his sisters. He said that he had paid lip service to forgiveness in the past, but now he really felt it.

I watched his energy lighten up as the day progressed. The act of forgiveness helped him drop away the pain held in his body and mind. A few days later, he reported that both his partner and his assistant had commented that he looks different — lighter, as if a weight has been taken off of him.

Here is what he said about the experience:

“The work with Satya was amazing. I was able to reach levels of forgiveness that I never thought possible. Now I can have a ceremony at which I will burn my sister’s letter and send her love and blessings. The pain and suffering that has plagued the relationship between her and me for decades will be over and I can start moving forward again, with no guilt and a lighter heart.” – JB

Do you have a situation where forgiveness would help you lighten up and be happier? I’d love to support you in reaching a place of peace. To take the first step, click here to book a free Discovery Session by phone to explore whether we are a good fit.

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I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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