The Deep Dive

Photo by Maël BALLAND from Pexels

One of my favorite ways to work is the deep dive retreat. So much can happen at such a fundamental level! Transformation is very likely, if you have a focused and extended time devoted to it. Here is a story of one person’s experience with me here on my land.

She came to me feeling battered and abused. Her close relative had dumped a lot of judgement and disapproval on her. (Details are omitted to preserve privacy.) The result of this was that she was feeling shaky in her self-esteem. She was wondering if the judgmental things her relative said were true.

We spent a day together in my temple. She talked and talked, first about the relative who had judged her, then about the dynamics as a child in her family. I mostly just listened closely. I offered reflections from time to time. And I gave her a steady stream of loving attention. This day went on for nine hours! We stayed with it until she was done.

The next morning, she was a different person. She was light and easy-flowing. She had a solid sense of who she was and the value that she has. She had changed her perspective about what her relative had said, and made a decision to not subject herself to that person again.

I had an opportunity to speak with her about a year later. She said that the changes she experience had lasted, that she still felt a lot more solid in her sense of herself as a good person.

Focused loving attention is a powerful healing tool!

The season for outdoor retreats is fast approaching! Summer and fall are the times that my medicine circle is available. It is a wonderful place to be held in your transformation. Lots of healing has happened there, and the energy is strong.

I have just seven openings left between June and October. If you are interested in exploring whether a retreat is right for you, then click here to book a free Discovery Session with me.

I look forward to supporting you in your transformation!

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I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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