Sharpening Appreciation

A couple of weeks ago, we had two fires only a few miles from my beautiful land in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. This was the closest that fire had ever been to us. We watched nervously as it crept closer towards us each day, wondering if we would have to evacuate, wondering if we would still be able to be here.

Thankfully, the rain came and the fires are no longer a problem. I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon as life returns to normal. I’m in a sharpened appreciation of the beauty of everyday life here. Things that I once took for granted now strike me to the core with their beauty.

Here are some things that I have appreciated recently:

• the golden sunlight at the end of the day shining on the trees outside my kitchen window.

• hearing my partner John lovingly talking to the cat as he prepares her food.

• watching the oak leaves flutter in the wind and bounce sunlight in a shimmer.

• the intricate shape of a lettuce leaf.

• having healthy and delicious plant-based dinners.

• witnessing John and my land partner and dear friend Kevin talk about fixing the tractor. Appreciating their connection that expresses itself in that way.

• having a medicine circle that supports deep healing with clients.

• feeling the deep connection that Kevin, John and I have with each other.

• metaphysical talks over dinner.

• laughing at each other’s jokes.

There’s nothing like almost losing something to make you appreciate it! I thought I appreciated it before, but is has really increased now. As Joni Mitchell said, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” I’m working on remembering regardless of whether it’s threatened or not.

What do you appreciate in your life? Leave a comment and celebrate it!

Published by Satya Lila

I help couples who are getting a little older discover a sexual renaissance and find ways of relating sexually that lead to even better levels of bliss.

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