Private Retreats

Photo by John Thompson

I invite you to a private retreat on my land in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. These are for either an individual or a couple. It’s an opportunity to be held in a deep dive, to release whatever is in the way of your desired way of being, and to embrace a new level of connection — with yourself, your partner (if you have one), and with Source.

In a retreat, you can:
  • Release layers of old programming and core beliefs of unworthiness.
  • Find your way to an authentic expression of your splendid nature as a vibrant, alive and sexual being.
  • Renew your connection with each other into a joyful, loving sensual and sexual communion.

I have crafted a program for you that will hold you in a cradle of grounding and safety, and allow me to care for you throughout your experience.

The Medicine Circle
The Medicine Circle

Imagine long summer days, surrounded by manzanita, shaded by oaks, under a deep blue sky. Later in the summer, we put up the shade sails. Since we’re at 5000’ elevation, it’s usually not too hot. It’s quiet, except for birdsong. It’s private and secluded. And there is big magic there — a place that was created for healing and transformation, where lots of that has happened.

The Details

We’ll start with a remote session (phone or Zoom) to begin the process — to see where you are, what you want to get from this experience, and what would be the most appropriate approach for your retreat.

The in-person retreat weekends will begin Friday late afternoon with a 90-minute session to check in, set your intentions, and to discuss anything you need to clear before the day itself. Then you are free for the evening.

Saturday will begin at 10 am (or later if you like), and we’ll go until we feel complete. I’ll provide you with an organic weave of active guidance, unobtrusive holding of space and energy so you can follow your inner path, and private alone time on your own. You can stay in the circle or walk the land. Whatever serves you is what we’ll do.

Photo by Jay Matthews

If desired, my partner John Thompson will help you complete and integrate your experience with his incredible sound healing, using his deep baritone voice, throat singing, drums and other instruments. This is a real treat!

We’ll help you ground with a simple and delicious vegan, gluten-free meal, and then you have free time until Sunday morning at 10, when we’ll do a 90-minute check-in and integration session.

To further help your integration, we will have a check-in session the following week by phone or Zoom for up to an hour.

There are AirBnB and hotel accommodations nearby. We are located in Northern California, just off I-80 about half-way between Sacramento and Reno.

I will comply with current COVID-19 guidelines.

Once I receive your application and review it, I will contact you to arrange an initial interview to see if we’re a good match. I look forward to connecting with you!

What Clients say:

“My partner and I had a great sexual connection but the years of raising children and managing life during the pandemic had put a strain on our ability to connect. We both could sense a feeling of falling away from one another. Satya held us in such a safe and beautiful way that we both opened up easily with her and one another.

With gentle guidance and wisdom, Satya has led us to deep places within ourselves. We have healed intense relationship wounds and broke through shackles of sexual shame and guilt. One session in particular I experienced a complete reset, very much like a rebirth. I came away from that session with a renewed love for my body and soul.

My partner and I have developed greater intimacy as we practiced deep listening and experienced the energetics of sexual healing. We have experienced the divinity in each other and our union. It has been a life changing experience and we are so grateful. We are delighted with the progress we have made and consider our work with Satya to be an integral part of our spiritual practice.” – K.L.

Another client . . .

I came to Satya feeling pretty emotionally shattered. A relative had been emotionally abusing me which left me feeling unlovable. Although I knew that I am a lovable person I was having trouble feeling that I am lovable. I had been working on how badly I was feeling about myself and I was making slow headway.

Together Satya and I planned my journey with my well being in mind.

Working with Satya was a healing experience for me. She is the embodiment of love and shined like the sun as she gently guided me on my journey back to my wholeness and inner goodness. This created an unforgettable experience which has stayed with me in my body and informs my feelings about myself.

I have talked to my relative since then on a few occasions. It has become very clear since the journey that the mistreatment I received was because of their pain, not my behavior. This shift in my perspective has helped me to feel compassionate towards my abuser and feel much less doubt about my own inherent goodness. It has also reset my intuition about who is good for me to spend time with. I am better at noticing situations where I am not valued and moving away from them. I can love myself more.” – CK