Private Online Sessions

When the pandemic hit, and I went to online sessions, I noticed some advantages to doing it that way. People are often more comfortable in their homes when they are dealing with issues around sexuality. It can be vulnerable to work with such a sensitive topic and when you’re in a familiar and comfortable environment it makes it easier. Many people put their laptops right on their bed. It’s like having a friendly guide in your bedroom.

Another advantage is that I can be available to you wherever you are in the world.

And, you get to have your cat or dog as a co-facilitator!

Interested? Take the next step, and book a complimentary Sexual Communion Gateway Session with me to explore your unique challenges with your sexuality, create a vision of what you want instead, and receive some recommendations to get you started that’s what you want. We will also see if we are a good fit.

“My work with Satya was wonderful. She provided a presence and connection over zoom that helped me feel as if she was sitting physically in the room with me – which in my experience is so rare and special. She is an amazing model of what she teaches and her authenticity and truth with me provided a space for me to unpack, heal, experiment and go deeper. I felt safe to be myself and honor my own expression. I also felt extremely supported, seen, held and loved. I felt comfortable asking questions and her spirit for the work inspires me.” – Mary Nicosia