For Sensitive Women

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Are you a sensitive woman? Do you find lovemaking challenging? Sometimes it can be so good, and other times you shrink away because the touch is too firm or or too fast or too much. You may try to ask for what you want but not know quite how to say it. Or you may not even know what you need.

Do you and your partner often end up abandoning a sexual connection in frustration? Or maybe you have given up on having a partner because it’s too difficult.

There is nothing wrong with you. You may be a super-sensitive woman. That’s the good news and the bad news. The bad news is that when you are sensitive, touch that is a little bit off seems overwhelming and you have to back away energetically. The good news is that when things are flowing well, you can go into ecstatic bliss from the slightest touch. This is a quality of a wonderful lover. And more good news — you can learn what works for you and how to communicate it to your partner.

I’ve been there. I know how hard it can be to want to connect with a partner but then to have it go awry. My partner John and I went through this a few years ago. My sensitivity had increased to such a point that I got very particular in how I wanted to be touched. There was way less leeway in what I could tolerate. I still remember a particular moment when we broke apart in frustration, after yet another time of me rejecting his touch. I looked at him slumped in dejection on the edge of the bed and my heart broke. We had enjoyed such a beautiful sexual connection, and it was so important to both of us. I wanted it back again!

Fortunately I had many tools that had helped many of my clients. Ways of touching, ways of communicating. Now I used them for myself and John. I’m happy to say that it worked! We are back to a wonderful joyful sexual connection. There is such pleasure and love flowing between us again. Sex has become better than ever!

I want this for you too! That’s why I created the Sexual Communion programs.

Here are some resources for you.

Free Meditation Bundle

This free meditation bundle will give you a place to get started in transforming your sexual connections. These audio files with music and guided interactions that you can do with yourself or with a partner will lead you into an open and tender place. I hope you enjoy! Click the button below to get access.

Communing: Intimate Connection for Couples

For a beautiful guided experience for couples that helps you drop into intimacy and enjoy slow, subtle lovemaking, check out Communing: Intimate Connection for Couples. Click this link to find out more.

Free Sexual Communion Gateway Session
Photo by Timur Kozmenko on Unsplash

This is a private phone or Zoom session that lasts 30-60 minutes. We will look at 3 main areas:

What your challenges are when it comes to your sexuality.

What your life would be like on the other side of these challenges.

I’ll give you my best recommendations to help you get to a place where you’re enjoying your sex life, and your intimate connections. These recommendations have worked for many of my clients and I promise that you’ll get a lot of value from our short time together.

We’ll also get to take a few minutes to explore whether we would be a good fit to continue to work together. No pressure, no strings attached… Just a great conversation with someone who listens deeply, sees your magnificence and believes that you can transform the challenges in your sexuality into ecstasy that brings you more than you can imagine.

I am offering this to you at no charge.

I have walked through the gateway.

Let me hold it for you.

What clients say . . .

“My work with Satya was wonderful. She provided a presence and connection over zoom that helped me feel as if she was sitting physically in the room with me – which in my experience is so rare and special. She is an amazing model of what she teaches and her authenticity and truth with me provided a space for me to unpack, heal, experiment and go deeper. I felt safe to be myself and honor my own expression. I also felt extremely supported, seen, held and loved. I felt comfortable asking questions and her spirit for the work inspires me.” – Mary Nicosia

“I deeply appreciate and respect the spiritual and emotional growth I’ve experienced from working with Satya. I feel more empowered as a woman. I’ve learned that spiritual expression and communion can be accessed by deliberately raising sexual energy. I’ve learned to reach a sexual ecstatic state without any sexual activity. Amazing, the divine is sexual too.” – KDM

“I am a flower, slowly unfolding. Each petal has been gently loosened through these months of careful nourishment with Satya. In this safe and sacred space, I have bloomed. Heartfelt thanks.” -JP