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Sexual Renaissance Workshops for Women and Men

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You have a source of energy that can act like rocket fuel to accelerate your spiritual awakening — your sexual energy. But sometimes this energy is blocked, due to societal attitudes about sexuality, or to shifts that can happen due to getting a little older. Learn to awaken this life force energy through breath and movement, so that you can enjoy more vitality and aliveness and open your crown chakra for a spiritual awakening.

Would You Like to Learn How to Have Good Loving at Any Age?

Are you frustrated because your sex life is impacted by the challenges that can come as you start getting a little older?

You can learn ways of connecting sexually regardless of how your body is so you can finally have sex that is better than it ever was.

I created the Sexual Renaissance program because I’ve been there myself and I’ve come through to renewed ecstatic connection with my beloved partner.

In this free event, you will discover:
• the most common reasons desire goes away (One might surprise you!)
• 5 easy and fun steps to create intimacy and connection
• the most important element of sexual bliss that will make you soar
• and so much more!

The Sexual Renaissance program takes you from the despair of thinking “it’s over” to having sex that’s better than it’s ever been.

It’s time to stop resigning yourself to a life with an unfulfilling or nonexistent sexual connection and step into a new era of Sexual Renaissance.

Thursday, April 30 • 4:00-6:00 pm PDT

Is this quarantine bringing up stuff for you and your partner? Is all this enforced togetherness making it even more obvious how far apart you are in your intimate relationship? Now you have time to do something about it!

Maybe you’re getting a little older and intimacy is more challenging for you. Maybe you are experiencing a loss of desire. Or perhaps your body is not quite working the way it used to. Maybe you’re bored with doing the same old thing.

Maybe you experienced some hurt in your past that closed you down and drove a wedge between you. Maybe your intimate relationship was never good, and it’s just dried up now.

I work with couples who are experiencing these problems. I have 25 years experience teaching sacred sexuality and Tantra, with around 15,000 client sessions and hundreds of workshops all over the US and in Japan. Countless people have told me that I changed their lives. But even more personally, my partner and I have experienced our own challenges in this area. I’m happy to say that we came through those challenges, and now we are enjoying an intimate relationship that’s better than it’s ever been!

I want this for you too! Join me for a free online webinar on Thursday, April 30 at 4:00-6:00 pm Pacific time. I’ll be sharing three secrets to spark up your intimate connection.

What would it be like to enjoy a relationship renaissance during shelter-in-place? It’s never too late!

Valentine’s Connection Ceremony

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! It’s a reminder of the importance of love in your life. Whether you are in a couple relationship, or in relationship with yourself, it is yummy to take some time to renew your connection with yourself, your partner or partners, and the Divine.

I am offering a Valentine’s Connection Ceremony called Sink Into Love. In this afternoon workshop, you will be gently guided into connecting more deeply with a partner so that you create a field of intimacy that supports love and juiciness. Exercises will include verbal exchanges to help begin the connection, respectful touch that opens your body, guided meditations to help you remember the sacred, and breathing practices that relax and energize your body. This workshop is open to both couples and singles, and there will be opportunities for partnering with several participants or for staying together as a couple if you desire. Boundaries will be emphasized, and there will be no explicit sexual contact and no nudity.

This workshop is limited to 14 participants, so register now to make sure you reserve your space!