Into the Light

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“Into the Light” is a 6-month program combining group events and private intensives. It is designed to help you open up to the light that is all around us, that permeates this world and beyond. When you learn to feel this plane of existence, you are privy to a deep sense of joy that is not dependent upon external events. It is a path to enlightenment. This program includes teachings that help you integrate this new awareness with the material world, learning how to honor the earth energies and your body. You become one with the flow of the universe.

You get the personalized guidance of private work, and the camaraderie and support of group work.

I ask for a 6-month commitment for these programs, and they are only opened twice a year. This is to ensure that the group can build trust and safety, and that the teachings can go deeper each time.

The Schedule

Spring series group events:

Spring Equinox (March 22-24, 2019)
Beltane (May 3-5, 2019)
Summer Solstice (June 21-23, 2019)
Lammas (August 2-4, 2019)
The group events are timed to coincide with the sun holidays, the mileposts of the orbit of the earth around the sun. This itself is a teaching about the ways of the universe. Each weekend begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon. They are held at a beautiful private retreat in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, located about half-way between Sacramento, CA and Reno, NV — a 90-minute drive from either airport. Sacramento is easier in winter, as you don’t have to drive over the I-80 pass, which is subject to snow storms in winter.

Private Intensives

You receive two private daylong intensives with me during each series. Each day is tailored especially for you. Click here to find out more about working with me privately.

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The Teachings

One of the most basic teachings about material plane energies, common in many different spiritual traditions, is that matter is comprised of four elements: earth, water, fire and air. Each element has different qualities associated with it. I incorporate all four elements into the “Into the Light” program.


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The air element includes breathwork, meditations, and guided visualizations. Discover the power of breath to activate your life force energy (kundalini) and awaken every cell of your body. You will feel tingly and alive, clear and connected with a larger unified field of light and love. Guided visualizations will lead you into the sacred geometries of light.


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The fire element is about transformation, just as fire transforms what it burns. Use the transformative energy of fire to release what you don’t need anymore — old patterns of behavior, karma from this or other lifetimes, unhealthy attachments, outmoded ideas of who you are — anything that is keeping you from being a fully actualized being of light and love.



There are energy pathways everywhere. When you learn to channel energy through your body, it allows you to connect with the larger flows of energy, leading you to an ecstatic connection with the Divine.

The water is an exceptional place to feel this energy. The freedom of movement that is available when gravity is reduced allows you to expand into an incredibly joyous alignment with both the energy inside of you and the flow of the universe. The silky feel of the water moving past your skin adds to the delight.

Learn fun and playful techniques that will open your energy pathways and help you feel merged with the energy of water. After all, we are mostly water!


Prayer 1

The earth element includes teachings about the body, movement meditations, and earth energies. You learn to ground your realizations in the material (so-called “real”) world. Even though we are spiritual beings having a human experience, it is important to have the human experience fully. Light body enlightenment includes the physical body rather than leaving it. To walk upon this earth in physical form as an adept requires awareness of the body and the earth.

There are energies in our bodies and in the earth. Knowledge and mastery of those energies leads you to deeper connection with this beautiful earth. You can learn how to merge with the flow of energy so that you can manifest what you want gracefully and easily.

Part of being on this earth at this time is to be in service to the earth — to assist her in this dramatic shift she is going through. Ceremony and ritual help you tune in to her larger flows and to send assistance where it is needed.

Learn to use the power of the elements for your own healing and for the earth’s.

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More goodness


I am honored to have my partner Jathom join me in these group events. He is a mystic, an energy adept, a dancer, a drummer, and a sound healer. He and I created Otter’s Play together.

Being an empathic soul, he can read a room of people and intuit what is needed to allow Spirit to express itself through him. His vocal toning, which he’s been practicing since 2010, invokes a meditative mood in the listener. Combined with drumming, flute, bells, chimes or even sometimes with the sounds of Nature he creates an atmosphere for magic to happen.

John & Drum 1

He has been a student of shamanism since 2008, and ecopsychology since 2013. His orientation is shamanic and nature based and his inspiration is to bring compassion and love through himself and into the hearts of those he touches through sound.

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