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D7K_3089There are situations that accelerate growth — resistances are lowered, hearts are cracked open. I work with people to make the most of those times, to get the most growth and evolution as you can from the challenge you face and to even come to look at it as a gift.

When you’re the most desperate, the most growth can happen. You can emerge from the dark night of the soul into a lightness beyond your wildest dreams!

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You can work with me in these ways:

Private 1-on-1 sessions and intensives

Online study course “A Gift in the Loss”

Group programs (details coming soon)


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“I buried myself in others and held them responsible for my happiness. No more. Satya will guide you on a wondrous journey, with kindness and joy, towards the happiness that is already in you. With gentle whispers, dazzling smiles, loving eyes, caressing laughs, true humility, and sincere integrity, she’ll help you see that there’s nothing missing in your soul except the watering. And she’ll water you with touch, talk, books and energy, as you travel further than ever before – into yourself. And you’ll like what you find. Satya’s hand is one of the most valuable that I have ever held. It is there for you too!”
– Ernesto J. Perez, attorney