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“I buried myself in others and held them responsible for my happiness. No more. Satya will guide you on a wondrous journey, with kindness and joy, towards the happiness that is already in you. With gentle whispers, dazzling smiles, loving eyes, caressing laughs, true humility, and sincere integrity, she’ll help you see that there’s nothing missing in your soul except the watering. And she’ll water you with touch, talk, books and energy, as you travel further than ever before – into yourself. And you’ll like what you find. Satya’s hand is one of the most valuable that I have ever held. It is there for you too!”
– Ernesto J. Perez, attorney

“I have been more centered since you worked with me. I have my central altar with a spiral bowl of water and a large river stone from my garden. Sitting with it I feel like a settled mother hen but with my head in the sky. I do appreciate your teachings and thanks for patiently listening to my story so I can let go. I have exquisite memories of your playful guidance.”
– SM, Marin County, CA

“As I sat eating lunch yesterday in my favorite coffee house, one week out from our journey, I realized that I was floating in a fluid space of enhanced perception, acutely aware of all the energetic interactions around me – people talking, people eating, holding children, people thinking, feeling, the paintings on the wall, the sky, the air – all coalescing to flow through me in waves of pleasure and joy.”
– CM, Oakland, CA

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“All your words delight and touch me. It is hard sometimes to travel through the intense vulnerability and fear that I have experienced in the workshops and my life–and still remember that I am strong. I appreciate the reminder and knowing you see what is already healed in me. It’s a true reclaiming of my priestess-hood on every level. Thank you for recognizing the courage. What I have learned, above all, is how deeply creative I am and how to live happily I must express it.”

— L.P., writer

“Satya is a laughing, loving person without a phony bone in her body. With emotional honesty and vulnerability, and with a hearty dose of wit, she creates a sacred space focused on healing and respect where I can feel safe to explore.”
– M. L., Storyteller

“What you said lifted a burden from my shoulders that I have carried for 14 years. I will never think of this problem in the same way.”  – DM, Phoenix, AZ

“I am a flower, slowly unfolding. Each petal has been gently loosened through these months of careful nourishment. In this safe and sacred space, I have bloomed.”
– J.P., Teacher–Administrator

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“Satya has helped me to expand my capacity for joy and pleasure and to express my authentic self. Now I am attracting such sweetness and beauty into my life.”
– R.C., Yoga Teacher

“Satya creates a safe space to explore intimate issues, to nurture your mind, body and soul and to acknowledge and rejoice in your creation as a divine spirit in celebration with other like spirits.”
– E.G., Therapist

“You have a gift. There is so much power in your hands and you read me so well.”
– K.C., San Francisco, CA

“I came prepared to work hard to feel my feelings. Instead, I found a great deal of joy.”
– T.O., Tokyo, Japan

To learn how to find deep peace, click here to receive a free video “Tears that Cleanse”.

“Satya’s capacity for compassion, understanding and love is very deep. I see her as sort of reborn in this life, an old soul maybe but with such a young heart.”
– R.R., Placerville, CA
“When you put your hands on my head, it became the center of the universe. The walls dissolved.”
– M.S., Tokyo, Japan

“I felt a deep release of sadness from my heart. Then it filled up with peace.”
– M.M. Tokyo, Japan

“I couldn’t feel the table anymore. It felt like I was floating. You have a lot of power in your hands!”
– F.T., Richmond, VA

“I was surprised. You really CAN hold a portal open to other dimensions!”
– H.G., Minneapolis, MN

“I gained more clarity and upliftment. Overall, I feel more relaxed, at peace, in gratitude, open, clean and empowered. I was able to meet myself and show up for myself.”

– H.R., Nevada City, CA

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“Before this work, I felt that my emotions were weighing me down. Now I feel like I have ways to express them and find joy.”
– T.I., Tokyo, Japan

“Thank you for the shamanic journey while allowing me to see myself. The process of letting go of judgements is much easier when it is a reflection. Satya, you held that space beautifully! I am extremely grateful.”
– D.M., Grass Valley, CA

“Still feeling the powerful effects of Friday’s New Moon ceremony led by Satya Lila​. Skillful, intuitive guidance combined with unique breathwork from a woman dedicated to bringing more light, love and creative play into the world. Continuing to integrate the experience – definitely feels like a lifelong impact took place. Thank you!”
– D.M., Sacramento, CA

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