Studio Space For Rent in West Berkeley


This beautiful 440 sq.ft. studio is in a fantastic building on the corner of 6th Street and Bancroft Way and was recently renovated by a green builder. It has its own bathroom with a shower, a foyer with comfy chair and bench, and two south-facing windows that open with top-down/bottom-up blinds.

The studio and the bathroom are handicapped accessible. There are also handicapped accessible bathrooms available in the shared work space housed in the main part of the building.

There is a Britta pitcher and electric kettle for common use. You’re welcome to bring your own mug, glass and/or teas and store them in the cabinet. There is also storage space in the bathroom closet for a few larger items.

A microwave, sink and fridge are also available for you to use in the shared work space.

There is a lovely private garden with a patio, tables and chairs accessible from the back door of the studio. You are welcome to hang out there on your breaks and enjoy the sun and flowers.

The neighborhood is friendly and has a number of hidden gems, including Franklin Bros. Market, Tomate Cafe and Vik’s, all within easy walking distance. The studio is also a short walk from Aquatic Park, a lovely place to take a stroll or have a little picnic.

The studio is currently available:
• Wednesday, Thursday & Friday eves
• weekends all day/eve

All eves as of 6pm.
If you need an earlier start time on any given eve, we can discuss the possibility.

Here are more pictures:

For more info, or to reserve your space, contact me at satya(at)