Spark Your Sexual Vitality

12x8nu13A group for women in menopause and beyond
With Satya Lila

Has your sexual energy flattened since your hormones started changing? Do you wish for the juiciness and vitality that you used to have? Or maybe you never had it, but you still would like to access that source of vibrancy and aliveness that fuels everything else in your life. When you are connected to your sexual vitality, you have energy to create, to attract people, and to have more fun!

Join a circle of women to explore these issues and learn ways to reconnect with your sexual vitality. Using movement meditation, breath practices, guided meditations and discussion about various topics, you will feel yourself awaken your glorious feminine energy.


2nd and 4th Wednesdays, starting 3/13 • 6-8 pm
Inner Path • 200 Commercial St., Nevada City
$15 advance, $20 door • 10 tickets for $120

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