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Imagine what it would be like to enjoy sexuality so full of sensual pleasure that it makes your heart sing. Where your sexual connection brings you to the highest levels of ecstasy. A relationship that leads you to dissolve into a sublime state of union with your partner (or yourself!) and the divine.

Sometimes there is stuff in the way of this beautiful connection.

Maybe you have shut down your sexual energy.

Maybe you don’t have a partner.

Maybe your relationship has become stale and routine.

Maybe you never learned how to be a skilled lover. There is no blame in that; most of us were never taught.

Maybe you have taken on society’s generally negative attitude about sexuality — a toxic mix of shame, suppression and obsession.

Maybe there is something in the way of your fullest delights — something like a history of sexual abuse, or a betrayal in a relationship.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Because you’re reading these words, it means that you have begun opening to a new way of relating to your sexuality.

Private Sessions

Photo by Lucia Pavonne

I love helping women and couples blossom into the fullest expression of their sexuality, heart and spirit!

Private sessions allow me to give you my complete attention so that you get exactly what you need at any point in time. You have the privacy and focus to be able to reveal things that you may never have spoken before. I’ve been told that I excel at creating a safe and sacred space where there is no judgement, only love.

Every person has the potential to have a relationship (with yourself or another) that brings them joy. Sexual connection becomes way more than physical. The energetic components of sexuality become an art form and the high levels of pleasure resulting from this artistic mastery lead you into realms you may never have imagined.

We can go deep.

We will create a container where your sexuality will thrive.

You will develop a new appreciation of yourself and your beautiful body and delightful sexual energy.

You will learn new ways of relating energetically and physically that will lead you to rapture and dissolving into bliss.

If you are a couple, you will find ways to enliven the once-stale routine of being together. Your appreciation of each other will be enhanced. Your eyes will sparkle and your smiles will communicate your pleasure in being together.

Reserve your package now!

Private sessions may include . . . 

  • Proven ways to access your inner fire
  • Simple methods to deepen intimacy quickly and easily
  • Ancient rituals to imbue your sexuality with the sacred
  • Guided practice to activate your whole body, anytime you desire
  • Secrets of the art of pleasure
  • facilitation of communication (for couples)
  • exploration of deep issues that impact your sexuality

This is for you if:

  • You long for more freedom in your sexual expression
  • You’ve been wondering if there is more to sex than just the physical
  • You’re ready for deeper intimacy and connection with a partner
  • You want it all — pleasure and divine connection (yes, you can have that)
  • You desire to feel more turned on and alive in the world
  • You wish to have more fulfilling sexual relationships
  • You know there is something here for you and you are ready to stop waiting and claim it

I hope you’ll join me in creating a new, joyful sexuality!


Packages allow you to save loads over my single session rate, plus they encourage you to go deeper into your journey. These packages are for either three or six 90-minute Zoom sessions.

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What people say about working with me:

“Satya creates a safe and sacred space. It invited me to open to healing past wounds that were inflicted upon my sexuality by social and cultural norms. I feel much happier and freer to express who I am in all aspects of my life.” – KD

“I trust you so completely that I know I can go into the deepest darkest parts of myself and be held in the light by you.” – MS

“Satya helped me push thru a wall of shame I had in my acceptance of the pleasures my body offers me. She touched me deeply. It was healing. I will never forget the little push towards love and acceptance that she helped me with.” – AC