Group events offer a chance to learn and grow among a supportive cluster of new friends. The power created by a group helps to boost your own energy, making it easier to feel deeper levels of self-awareness, freedom and joy. Connections formed can last a lifetime.

I offer the following workshops:

Activate the Light Body

Intro to Activate the Light Body

LIght Body Activation Journey Groups

Lightfoot - A Dance Sangha Devoted to Enlightenment

Vortex! Movement Meditation

W-Otter Play

Learning to Love Yourself

Expressing Emotions With Your Body: Raise Your Vibration and Feel Happy!

Simple Techniques of Energetic Awakening

Healing the Water” Ceremonies

“Burn It Away” Fire Ceremony

Magic in Nature: Journeys of Wonder

The Tantra of Translucency

Workshop Schedule  (click here to enroll)

Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twin Cities)

Intro to Activate the Light Body           2347 Case Ave., East, St. Paul    9/26/17  7-9 pm

“Burn It Away” Fire Ceremony            2347 Case Ave., East, St. Paul    9/28/17  7-9 pm

Vortex! Movement Meditation             Healing Elements, St. Paul           9/29/17  7-9 pm

Activate the Light Body                       2347 Case Ave., East, St. Paul    9/30/17  10-2

One of my teachers often said, “If you want to be enlightened, lighten up!” To assist with that, I send out a periodic email with something funny in it. Click here if you’d like to receive it.

"Satya is a laughing, loving person without a phony bone in her body.  With emotional honesty and vulnerability, and with a hearty dose of wit, she creates a sacred space focused on healing and respect where I feel safe to explore, safe to present myself without masks, safe to shine."

M.L., Storyteller