Follow the spirals home . . .


(Offered with John Thompson)

There are energy pathways everywhere. When you learn to channel energy through your body, it allows you to connect with the larger flows of energy, leading you to an ecstatic connection with the Divine.

The water is an exceptional place to feel this energy. The freedom of movement that is available when gravity is reduced allows you to expand into an incredibly joyous alignment with both the energy inside of you and the flow of the universe. The silky feel of the water moving over your skin adds to the delight.

Learn fun and playful techniques that will open your energy pathways and help you feel merged with the energy of water. After all, we are mostly water!

Here is W-OtterPlay in action with Satya and John:

How W-OtterPlay came to be:

On the edge of the world between ocean and land, I stood at sunset. An otter came to me, did a flip in the water, and disappeared. I went back to my hotel swimming pool, and what was to be W-OtterPlay began.

Under the crystal blue water, I spun into the light. The lights of the swimming pool guided me, and the currents of the water inspired me. I learned to conform my body to the spirals of the universe, and ride those spirals home.

Later, I met my mate, John Thompson.  As soon as I met him in the water, he rode those spirals with me. Together we have developed more and more mastery of how to use the body, alone or partnered, to find the flow of energy that takes you to the most exquisite surrender to the flow of All-That-Is.