The Tantra of Translucency



Translucency* is the state of being enlightened (in the light) while still in the body. More and more people are on this path. Are you?


Tantra offers many techniques for becoming more adept at channeling life-force energy through your body, leading to greater wholeness and peace, and a sense of ecstasy that is not dependent upon external circumstances. It is often portrayed in the west as a way to make sex and relationships better. It may do that, but why stop there? Go for the fullness of your potential – enlightenment while still in the body!

* (See Arjuna Ardagh’s website or book The Translucent Revolution for more information about translucency, )


In this workshop, you will learn:

   •  Ways of cracking open from the inside out to allow more light to come through you.

   •  Tantric breath techniques to energize and enliven your body.

   •  Ways of connecting more deeply with another.

   •  How to use your body as a channel for your spirit’s work.

“Yesterday was one of the most powerful days of my had never experienced those kinds of energy openings such open discovery and exploration of are such a skillful tantrika and so incredibly generous and loving...THANK YOU!” - L.P., Napa, California







Photo by Bob Dreizler