My Story

I have enjoyed a wonderful life of freedom. There was not always joy, but as I have matured, joy has become an almost constant companion. I gave myself freedom to make mistakes, to try new things, and to abandon them if I didn’t like them. I have had a wonderfully varied career, living many lives this lifetime. I have been blessed to have many wonderful people in my life, who have loved me and taught me many things.

Here are some highlights of the adventuresome life I have led -- a life of freedom and joy!

I healed my grandfather's scar tissue adhesions from surgery when I was three by stretching his arm above his head. My parents were horrified, but he could move his shoulder after that.

I was a yoga teacher when I was four.   :)

I got a college degree in psychology and sociology, thinking that I wanted to be a therapist.

Not finding work as a therapist, I worked as a computer programmer for five years. I have that kind of logical mind, but I hated sitting at a desk and not working with people.

I went to chiropractic school in Portland, Oregon, graduated, and practiced chiropractic for three years in Mill Valley, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area), before moving on to a practice of natural women's health care for another couple of years.

I discovered Tantra, a spiritual path that includes awakening kundalini energy as a vehicle for spiritual expansion. I chucked the professional career and began teaching Tantra groups and doing private sessions in sexual healing, mostly with women. I worked a lot with issues around sexual abuse.

I connected with Kevin Braheny Fortune, who helped me open my heart, expand my spirit, and love fully. We were partners for ten years, and we have lived together for more than twenty. He has been an incredible source of love and wisdom and support for me, as well as keeping me laughing!

Kevin introduced me to William Rainen, and the spirit he channeled, Dr. Peebles. They were very
influential spiritual teachers for me for many years.

I founded a Tantra school, the Center for Divine Passion in Oakland, California, with Kevin Braheny Fortune. We taught many workshops and ongoing groups, trained teachers and assistants, and developed a curriculum for extended group experiences.

Kevin and I moved from the Bay Area to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. We live on ten acres of beautiful fir forest. It’s at an elevation of 5000 feet, snow country in the winter, and sunny and dry in the summer. Over the years, we have attracted a small community of like-minded friends who live on the land. We call our community Serenity.

I changed my name to Satya, which means “truth”, in the sense of the ultimate reality that cannot be denied.

I got burned out on teaching and clients and took a couple of years off. I spent them mostly on my land in the Sierras. I call it my "Tantric nun" phase. I was celibate for three years, an essential realignment of my energies.

I started a mystery school, based at the temple on my land. It was a year-long program which included intensive private work with each participant as well as a group experience on each solstice and equinox.

I began teaching in Japan.

I began traveling extensively around the United States, doing mostly private sessions in Tantra and sexual healing.

I was privileged to be in relationship with Daniel Freespirit for three years. He taught me to open my heart and to have a lot of fun. That relationship ended with his death in 2013.

The grief of that event was intense, and I took an extended time off to process it. My heart broke open, and I used that opening to plunge into the deepest healing I had ever done. I found a renewed connection with joy and the Divine, and I emerged saying, “There is so much fun to be had!” I took a new last name, Lila, which means “divine play”.

I met my current partner, John Farseer. We came together just before the Year of the Wood Horse began, and we were both born in the last Year of the Wood Horse. We galloped through that year, playing on land with contact improvisational dance, and in the water, developing “W-OtterPlay”. Now he lives at Serenity too. He is a wonderful partner who meets me in so many ways!

I began working with a spiritual being who has moved into light body. Her name is Sohra and she is teaching me to activate my light body. She has accelerated my spiritual development and taught me immensely. I am assisted in my work by Sohra, who is channeled by Tenabah. Click here to hear directly from her about what light body activation is.

At this time, my deepest  passion is my spiritual unfoldment and the joy that it includes. I am committed to sharing what I have learned with others, and to doing it in a way that is fun, creative and inspiring!