9 Steps to Freedom and Joy


These are the foundations to a life of freedom and joy. I can help you with them! You can do these in any order, or all at once.

  1. 1.Learn to love yourself. See my workshop, Learning to Love Yourself.

  2. 2.Learn to express your emotions. See my workshop, Expressing Emotions With Your Body.

  3. 3.Learn to connect with the earth. See my workshop,  Magic in Nature.

  4. 4.Learn to trust your body wisdom. See my workshops Magic in Nature, and Expressing Emotions in Your Body.

5. Learn to move your body.

6. Learn ways to handle stress.

7. Learn to communicate honestly and kindly.

  1. 8.Learn the power of your kundalini energy. See my workshops, Simple Techniques of Energetic Awakening, and Tantra of Translucency.

9. Find a community of others like you.