Private Sessions

Allow me to support you in opening to the fullest expression of who you are -- a radiant being of light. I can guide you into activating your light body -- an infinite source of power and energy that is available to fuel your creative self-expression. I encourage you to live life fully, stepping into a way of being that gives you more happiness, serenity, and joy. This is a path of enlightenment.

If you hunger for a deeper connection with the Divine, for a broader understanding of the Universe, I invite you to go deeper. I bring you a lifetime of learning and practicing. I have many tools -- a deeply honed awareness of body and energy flows from my former chiropractic practice and Tantric priestess practice, a knowledge of astrology, and many years of personal exploration. I am guided by Sohra, a wise and gentle loving  spirit who went into light body and is now helping all who wish to do the same. I visit the realms of light often -- I am an interdimensional traveler, a keeper of the gate, ready to assist you into the next world. I can hold the vibration for both of us. Your body relaxes into its purest expression of Source energy. You are born anew, into the golden age.

With conversation, skilled touch, nurturing holding, movement and breath practices, you are gently guided to explore what is inside you, to express it fully, and to emerge clear, fresh, and alive, into a spiritual rebirth.

Learn to harness the infinite wisdom of your body to take you deeper . . . into the mysteries.

Here is my availability for private sessions:

Minnesota         July 3-8, 2017          Contact Kat Luther

Nevada City      as available              Contact me

These pictures show some possibilities for what might happen in a private session. Each session is individually tailored for you, so not all might happen, and we also leave room for divine inspiration and guidance.

I might look at your astrology chart to give you insights about your soul's purpose for incarnating this lifetime.

Maybe you need a good energetic clearing.

Do you need to learn how to ground yourself? I can show you how to use your body to connect with the earth.

Sometimes touch can help you ground.

I contact the planes of light so that I can guide you there too.

Gentle touch can help reconfigure your energy patterns into more congruence.

Sometimes your whole body needs to be touched at once. This can give you a wonderful sense of safety and security.

I might hold you like a baby. This can bring healing to very early preverbal wounding.

One of my teachers often said, “If you want to be enlightened, lighten up!” To assist with that, I send out a periodic email with something funny in it. Click here if you’d like to receive it.

“Satya's capacity for compassion, understanding and  love is very deep. I see her as sort of reborn in this life, an old soul maybe but with such a young heart." R, Placerville, CA

"When you put your hands on my head, it became the center of the universe. The walls dissolved." - M.S., Tokyo, Japan

"I felt a deep release of sadness from my heart. Then it filled up with peace." - M.M. Tokyo, Japan

"I couldn’t feel the table anymore. It felt like I was floating. You have a lot of power in your hands!" T, Richmond, VA

"I was surprised. You really CAN hold a portal open to other dimensions!" H, Minneapolis, MN