Magic in Nature

    Journeys of Wonder



 A mode of self-discovery and personal development, journeys are either individual or group adventures that lead you to find new horizons within yourself. You, the traveler, are guided to a place of power. You discover for yourself dormant energies that when released, bring you personal power and insight. This in turn transforms the world around you and your experiences in it.


A treasure of physical, mental and spiritual wealth is within your reach. A journey will allow you to discover how the energetic elements can be seen, felt, understood and directed in balanced harmony.






This is both a journey into the beauty of nature and to the nature of your beauty. If the weather permits, we will explore areas with awesome natural wonder, where the earth, sun, wind and water form poetry of sights and sounds. Other times, journeys happen in a secluded mountain temple.


You will be guided in movement, breathing and focusing your attention on emerging energy and sensory exploration. Time can drift into timelessness. This is where you discover your unique rhythm for your dance in this world.










My work includes creating a safe and protected space for our journey. This provides a suitable context for personal discovery and may lead you to the gateway to other realms and new realities. I will show you how to connect with your power to walk along its edge where you can see light in darkness, joy in sorrow, and strength in surrender. This is an ancient path to clarity, vision, inner peace and purpose.


Are you ready to begin your quest?


"There is no road map or destination but there is a very gifted guide who will help share the adventure.  She emits a glowing softness and compassion which might be laughter one moment and a safety net another.  You may notice things for the first time which have always been there.  Colors may be brighter.  Suddenly beauty has appeared and time has disappeared." - K.T., Oakland, CA