Light Body Activation Journey Groups

In these times of accelerated change, it can be very helpful to remember your true nature -- a being of light who has incarnated here and now specifically to have the experiences that you are having.  A journey reminds you of this and helps you activate your full potential as one who is here to be a part of the birth of a new reality.

With the assistance of a strong energetic container,

you will practice simple but intense breath techniques that awaken the kundalini (life force) energy, and guided visualization that distributes that energy to every cell of your body.

Free-form movement meditation will connect us all into an organism of light, aligned with the pattern of the universe. You will feel lit up all over your body, vibrating with aliveness.

This easy practice carries over into the rest of your life, so that you carry an intensified vitality and an inner light. There will be preparation time, the actual journey, and integration time with questions or sharing.

I am assisted in this work by my spiritual teacher, Sohra, who is channeled by Tenabah. She went into light body herself and is now helping others on that path. Click here to hear directly from her about what light body activation is.

“During the breathwork, I was feeling a rise of vibrations. During the free flow, I was tingling internally and externally.” - X, Nevada City, CA

“I gained more clarity and upliftment. Overall, I feel more relaxed, at peace, in gratitude, open, clean and empowered. I was able to meet myself and show up for myself.” - H, Nevada City, CA