Finding Freedom and Joy

   Using the wisdom of the body

Activating the Light Body

Activating the light body is a powerful and pleasurable path to enlightenment. Simple techniques using breath and movement awaken the kundalini (life force) energy, and intention and visualization distribute that energy to every cell of the body. You feel lit up all over your body, vibrating with aliveness. This easy practice carries over into the rest of your life, so that you carry an intensified vitality and an inner light. I am assisted in this work by my spiritual teacher, Sohra, who is channeled by Tenabah. She went into light body herself and is now helping others on that path. Click here to hear directly from her about what light body activation is.

I can help you active your light body with either private sessions or these workshops:

    Activate Your Light Body


    Light Body Activation Journey Groups

    Simple Techniques of Energetic Awakening

    “Healing the Waters” Ceremonies

    “Burn It Away” Fire Ceremony

    Magic in Nature: Journeys of Wonder

    W-Otter Play

    The Tantra of Translucency



Do you want a life of freedom and joy?
A life where you can express yourself fully? You are a unique and beautiful expression of Spirit. We all are. When you feel free to be who you are, joy follows.

A life of freedom includes:

  1. knowing that you are worthy of love

  2. expressing yourself fully -- with your emotions, your creativity, and your playfulness

  3. feeling free in your body

I believe that the body has its own wisdom, and it is a powerful instrument for awareness and expression. Your body can help you find out what you are feeling, and also help you to express your feelings. Movement can bring awareness of a greater flow of existence. When you learn to align with that greater flow, through feeling and moving your body, you tap into a source of joy and aliveness that is infinite. Freedom is yours!

Here are 9 Steps Toward Freedom and Joy.

There are many avenues towards a life of freedom and joy. Here are some ways that I might help you find your own path.

Private sessions


    Learning to Love Yourself

    Expressing Emotions With Your Body: Raise Your Vibration and Feel Happy!

    Magic in Nature: Journeys of Wonder

    W-Otter Play

I have dedicated my life to finding my own freedom and joy, and assisting others to find theirs. I invite you to explore how much fun it is to be free!

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