Expressing Emotions With Your Body

   Raise Your Vibration and Feel Happy!


Learn to use your body to access and express emotions so that you can release them fully. Grief, sadness, anger and fear are natural emotions that are meant to move quickly through your body. When you resist expressing them, then they get lodged in the body and impair your ability to be happy and fully present.

Using simple techniques of movement, breath, and sound, you will explore:

• how to express and release anger, sadness, grief and fear

• how to shift your thoughts so that the negative emotions don't take over

• how to make more room for joy

"Before this workshop, I felt that my emotions were weighing me down. Now I feel like I have ways to express them and find joy." - T.I., Tokyo, Japan

“I came prepared to work hard to feel my feelings. Instead, I found a great deal of joy.”

  1. -T.O., Tokyo, Japan