I am a visionary, a healer and a worker of magic. Formerly a chiropractor in Mill Valley, CA (under the name Anna Harvey), I use my deep knowledge of the body to help others open to a greater flow of light and energy. I have taught Tantra since 1993, in the Bay Area and nationally. I founded the Center for Divine Passion with Kevin Braheny Fortune in Oakland. I have been teaching body-centered spirituality in Japan since 2007.

Inspired by my years of practice in yoga, Tantra, movement meditation and ecstatic dance, I apply my wisdom and a good dose of intuition to guide others along their way. My sensitivity enables me to connect with others for somatic, emotional and spiritual healing, and my spirit serves as a beacon for those that seek joy and greater understanding of the path they walk.

For the past ten years, I have lived on ten acres in the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains, where nature has been one of my biggest teachers and inspirations.

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