Simple Techniques of Energetic Awakening


Experience a gentle awakening of your kundalini energy -- the life force energy that provides you with vitality and aliveness, and opens all your chakras so that you can live vibrantly on all levels.

I will guide your energetic awakening based on the teachings of Tantra, yoga, movement and inward consciousness.

You will:

• Balance and expand energetically

• Discover and release resistance and blockages

• Move from isolation to greater connection

  1. Lighten up!

This workshop will include:

• exercises to bring you more into the present moment and awaken your body

• instruction in breathing and movement practices to help activate your kundalini energy

• a transmission of energy from me to you, to activate your kundalini

• a discussion of ways to integrate the kundalini energy into your life

Come prepared to move, breathe, and have fun!