Activate Your Light Body

There is so much more to you than your physical body. There is a body of light that is just waiting to emerge. When you activate this light body, you become merged with a larger unified field of light and love. You have a deep knowing of your Buddha nature, and this Buddha nature infuses all of your life. Relationships become more loving, life flows more easily. Joy becomes your new set-point.

In this workshop, you will practice vigorous breath techniques that activate your kundalini (life force energy) and awaken every cell of your body. Guided visualizations will lead you into the sacred geometries of light. You will learn about energetic patterns in the body and how they relate to the cosmos. I am assisted in this work by my spiritual teacher, Sohra, who is channeled by Tenabah. She went into light body herself and is now helping others on that path. Click here to hear directly from her about what light body activation is.

Micro-movement meditation will help you go deeply into your body and know it from the inside out. You will learn to bring the light all the way into your bones.

I invite you to explore these mysteries. . .